Worst Blogging Mistakes How To Fix Them

Worst Blogging Mistakes How To Fix Them

If you want to Start Your Blog as a full-time blogger and you were just confused in several ways. I trying to explain the Worst Blogging Mistakes & How To Fix Them here with my readers.

If you find that your progression and blogging has been kind of slow, maybe you might learn a thing or two and how to switch it up and change things and hopefully grow your blog, even better and faster.

So you know I’m not streaming anyone who has done these mistakes. For one thing, I’ve done all of these mistakes that’s why I’m sharing them with you.

  • Stop Odd Your Self Into A Niche
  • Stop Boxing Yourself Into A Brand
  • Creating Content For Likes & Views
  • Stop Creating The Perfect Website
  • Avoid Make Money Only With Ads Promotions & Affiliates
  • Stop Doing Things The Right Way i.e The Hard Way
  • Break Off Embarrass Yourself For Not Posting Consistently
  • Stop Researching

Alright so let’s get started! 😀

Stop Odd Your Self Into A Niche

Stop odd yourself into a niche. So by doing this not only are you honouring your creativity, but you’re also not being fully self-expressed, which is pretty much the point of Blogging.

You want to express yourself and that’s creative. It’s really important to explore where your creativity wants to go.

Riding that wave and finding out and finding out where it’s going to take you.
So instead try this, consider that you are the niche and whatever you talk about will still fulfil the mission of your blog.

Basically, what I always tell people about blogging, your blog is about you and it’s about, improving your life making it better, and sharing it in a way for people to learn from you.

Think about what the bigger mission of your blog is then see if that certain piece of content that you’ve been needing to make finds a way into that mission.
So discussing specialities in case you’re considering extending specialities or totally exchanging.

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Stop Boxing Yourself Into A Brand

Boxing yourself into a brand, so this is another version of stop yourself boxing into a niche but this time for your brand! Hope you got the concept. 🙂

So the brand that you choose and what you start with, is simply what it is what you start with it’s. You were not a brand that you must follow for years.

It’s actually normal for new brands to change because as you go you get clarity on your mission.
On your blog, the kind of impact that you want to make on the world will of course change your brand.

On condition, your brand is the root in you, your way of life and you observe that your brand is not a substitute, perhaps you were not fattening. I don’t know that’s just something to think about I could be wrong so in lieu, try “Award Yourself Authority to Blog”.

Then curate think of it as an experience that you want to see if it works or not. Basically think about the content that you want to create doesn’t matter if it’s within your niche or your brand then as you create more content you get a better idea of what you like talking about more.

Then you can go ahead and curate what it is that you want to talk about this also takes the pressure off of trying to create the perfect brand right from the start, and this might go against what other people say.

Maybe what I’ve even previously taught but I’ve now recently learned that you don’t even have to create a brand to start a blog by nature your brand will develop itself as you create content.

Creating Content For Likes & Views

I mean this is kind of a no-brainer, but I’m kind of thinking of it in this situation where
I’ve seen people go on YouTube and they say I’m going to make another video about x. Because apparently, that’s the only kind of video that gets views.

If you work this way this is kind of working out of panic like I don’t want to talk about x
because it doesn’t get a lot of views. I don’t want to talk about x because people won’t like me or I don’t want to talk about x because I don’t won’t feel validated. At the end of the day, you were still not fully expressed, and if you have not gotten the point yet.

I’m all about you being fully self-expressed because that’s what I’m trying to get in my life. Just be more fully self-expressed so first stop trying to please your audience or readers.

Life is too short for that second being scared that not a lot of people will like it is kind of a scarcity mindset. So instead try this to permit yourself to Vlog or Post for yourself, not for your audience.

Believe that no matter what content you create it’s gonna find its way to people who like it and perhaps, You have no idea that people will like it. The reason you were not discus related to this, Infect
come to people so this is more from a technical point of view.

But in my experience, it takes three months to one year for my content to get consistent views.
I’m talking about the content on my Blog on Youtube and on Pinterest so you just need to keep working on it.

It takes time this is why you should blog about something you can talk about for hours. Without return, without money, without attention. For a batter, when no one even going to visit your data. Then create more content, & you become a good content creator.
You’re going to create that one piece of content that goes viral, and then people will see your body of work, and hopefully, they’ll follow you.

Stop Creating The Perfect Website

Stop creating the perfect website especially if you’ve been stuck on it for once and especially if you don’t plan to write your first blog post.

There’s no perfect way to launch your blog your brand or your business. You’re just gonna have to
start telling people even when it looks imperfect. So instead, try this to realize that is quite good enough for you when you’re creating a blog or whatever thing that you just adhere to.

Create a list of what you need to get done to complete the task, then divide that list into two
between like what you actually need and what are the bells and whistles.

Complete what you need to get done first and move on to the next step because you can always go back to add the bells and whistles later so what’s important here is that you don’t lose your momentum and that you don’t stop. It seems such as driving a bike. It’s difficult and slower to take momentum if you were trying to stop all the time.

Avoid Make Money Only With Ads Promotions & Affiliates

This point is about avoiding making money only with ads Promotions & Affiliates.
When bloggers think about monetizing their website, first these people expect of earning from their sites as ad space, cooperate with companies through support along with links of affiliates.

I also make money through these ways so there is nothing anything wrong. But I think it shouldn’t be the only way to make money, especially if you’re a new blogger and make money through ads and affiliates.
You need to have a steady stream of traffic to your content and to get sponsorships with brands. You need to have some form of a following and it’s hard to have both of these. When you’re really just getting started so instead try this start offering products and services.

I know it takes more time and more energy because first, you have to think about what to sell then you have to create it and then you have to market it. Then continuously market it and it’s a lot of work but at least all that work is going towards your brand, 🙂 not someone else’s brand because if you’re going to put in so much work to promote a product. It may as well be yours and like I said there’s nothing wrong with making money with ads sponsorships and affiliates.

I think it’s a great Passive Income, always think much bigger and also play always bigger, and also have much skin in the gaming. When you were selling anything which you built, and feel that situation when you sold the thing for the very first time it’s really priceless and I want you to experience how powerful that feeling is.

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Stop Doing Things The Right Way i.e The Hard Way

Stop doing things the right way i.e the hard way, so this piece of advice is for the perfectionist who always has to do things the right way and that the right way is sometimes the harder way.

But to me, I think it’s just adding unnecessary obstacles and hoops to jump through maybe you’ll learn a new skill. But will that new skill actually be valuable to you in the future? Let’s just be best at your niche, for example, you’re a painter and you want to make a blog to express your portfolio?

You doing it the hard way by building it from scratch and learning code for some reason. You believe that’s the right way and there’s really no wrong answer with that. So you learn how to code but is that skill valuable to your career as a photographer instead, try this to change your mindset to do things the easy way and consider that the easy way is the right way.

Consider buying a website template where all you have to do is plug in your photos colors text and boom.
Do you have a website or considering hiring a friend to do it for you?

Now you’re permitting yourself more opportunity to zero in additional on your speciality and become far superior at it, while as yet completing different things tranquil and on the side also your energy is limited.

Break Off Embarrass Yourself For Not Posting Consistently

Break Off shaming yourself for not posting content consistently. So I get how important it is to post consistently. Like once a week is what I teach people, but you’re also not a cog in the machine. Especially if you’re a one-person shop and just like nature. We’ll go through a season where we offer fruit through spring and summer and it’s great because we’re putting out a lot of content and it feels really great to create.

But just like trees we often have to cruise, but just like trees we also have to recuperate from creating
like fall in winter and it’s okay to do this mother nature. Does this and we’re human so instead
try this post content that’s consistent with who you are quality over quantity.
Also, take the pressure of making by permitting yourself to take a rest and before you work a holics.

It’s difficult to trust that you’re being productive when you rest, but rest is necessary to create. So that means resting is productive I know someone like this and he wonders why he’s burnt out all the time.

The recurring conversation that we have is that she needs to stop and take a break
and a way for her to do that is to schedule rest time. And to her planner to make sure that she actually has time for it. Because her excuse was I don’t have enough time turns out. She wasn’t actually allowing herself to have enough time for it maybe you’re the same anyway just publish stuff that’s consistent to you. 🙂

Stop Researching

Stop researching so if you’re like me maybe you want to have all your research done and all your tools ready. So that you’re prepared for the next step of whatever it is you’re working on and maybe you’re doing this because you want to get clear of what to do first.

Before you actually do it well. Guess what you’re never going to get clear on what to do until you actually do it.
If you want to build a website and you don’t know how to start your site. so you have to research to fill that knowledge gap. I understand that but there is a fine line between filling that gap just enough to get started versus learning more. Then what you need to know, and getting ahead of yourself and by default, I always do this so I always have to keep reminding myself to stop this.

This stems from me feeling like I’m not good enough. So I have to research more than I need to know in order to feel like I’m good enough or feel like I know enough and for others. You could also be the same it could also stem from perfectionism trying to make things as perfect as possible or fear of failure and disappointment.

So instead try this if you don’t know where that fine line is the same thing with the checklist write a short checklist of what you need to learn?

For the first step like two to three things the fair minimum that you need to know then get an action.
Don’t even think about it just do it then repeat this before you move on to the next step. oftentimes doing more research and keeping too much understanding sometimes can be bad. :O

Because it can lead us to overwhelm when really we’re actually just getting ahead of ourselves. 😉

How To Avoid These Mistakes

The best way to avoid these mistakes is to learn the impact of how it slows your progress. Then moves on. So I hope that from this Article you realize a few things that you can improve on or maybe switch up and what I tell you to stop doing might not even work for you.

At the end of the day I hope you people learn a lot from the article Worst Blogging Mistakes & How To Fix Them, it’s about doing what works for you not for me or anyone else.
So just go what you got on your intuition on your creativity and honour yourself then just do it don’t even think about it and get clarity and take the next baby step. 🙂

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