4 Ways To Make Money Online That Actually Work

4 Ways To Make Money That Actual Works

I explain here 4 Ways To Make Money Online That Actually Work, just read with care and try them out.


The first and one of the best ways if you can do it right is E-Commerce. So buying a product in bulk and then selling it for a retail price online.

A lot of people also use a fulfilment service, so they don’t have to store pack and ship the products. So it can be fairly passive once you get it up and running. If you find a hit product there’s a lot of opportunities to scale it, like there’s no limit to how much you can make doing this.

It still is a legitimate way that people make money online. It’s the basic business model of really any direct to consumer product. So the way it typically works most people finds a product on alibaba.com this is kind of the go-to that basically everyone uses they basically make a directory of every manufacturer.

You can see the pricing you can ask for customizations. You can really create a whole E-Commerce business this way. If you look around your house you’ll find that most things are not made in the u.s especially electronics in the past to find a manufacturer for products. Like this, you would have to go overseas and meet with them.

Is really starting your own business though. So you want to be prepared to do all that but you can start small.

You don’t have to put like tens of thousands of dollars you can start smaller if you want to so this is really not a lot different. Then what a lot of these really popular direct to consumer brands do already and using the internet it’s never been easier to start your own brand this way.

There is still a lot you have to figure out like it’s not a total walk in the park but it just is a million times easier than it used to be they also have a twice a year promotion that they’re doing right now called super September it’s basically intended for people to stock up on inventory before the holidays.

So they have 40 off right now over 34 different categories a lot of the manufacturers also offer a low minimum order quantity. So you don’t have to order tens of thousands of a product you can start smaller if you want to and scale up from there.

You can also find manufacturers that can really customize the product design and change things about it. Kind of inventing a whole new product like movement watches.

For example, they started by sourcing products from Alibaba and now it’s like a 60 million dollar company if you come up with a hit product if you’re good at marketing it as you could potentially make a lot of money doing this.

There is a lot more than you have to figure out but there’s also a ton of information on the internet on how to do it.


The next one I find people really overlook is blogging. I think a lot of people think of blogging as something people did in 2009 but it is still a way that. A lot of people are making a good amount of money. If you have a personal blog and it doesn’t have a real niche or direction then it’s not going to make much money.

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The other way to make money blogging is by blogging on Medium.com. It was super interesting to see how you can make money on here. It’s more of thought pieces so you can write about honestly anything.

It doesn’t even necessarily have to be searchable the key to making money on the medium is submitting your articles to publications.

So that they get more views on the medium you don’t need a ton of views to make a good amount of money. For example, I have one article that got 12 000 views and it made 339 dollars. So that’s a way better rate than you would get on youtube but if you’re not submitting to publications you’re not going to get any views.

So you really need to actually be doing that I got lucky with this one because one of my articles did like extremely well. There are people on there that make a full-time income just writing articles that aren’t YouTubers and don’t have a big following or anything.

The medium was one you can kind of do for fun even too like it did not take me very long to write these articles. I ended up making a good amount of money from it but if you take it seriously you can make even more than that.


The next way people are making money although I will say it’s all over the board is being a Fiverr seller.  To find something that you’re very fast at and efficient at and kind of take advantage of that. I don’t think this one is going to really work for everyone.

To be honest, I think for the most part Fiverr is probably more of a side hustle, like you can make some money you can definitely do it from home. So say you have web development skills or graphic design skills those kinds of things you can make money for on Fiverr.

I think this one is probably it’s, for the most part, it’s not the best unless you have a skill that you’re really really good at, really fast at video editing, web development, graphic design and writing like those kinds of things, if you’re really good at it and very fast at it then you can make money on here.

I think it’s pretty tough to make a full-time living on Fiverr but people are doing it. Fiverr can be great if you want to get started quickly because these other ways of making money while better long term takes months to years to actually make any money.


Last but definitely not least actually my favourite way to make money online is Youtube of course I had to put this in here because that’s how I make money online.

I know a lot of people think youtube is really saturated and maybe it’s too late to start a channel, but the truth is it’s actually easier now like way easier now than it used to be to monetize a channel you can be getting a lot fewer views and still make a lot more money.

Make searchable videos otherwise, no one’s gonna find your content you really can’t start out just making vlogs anything that you know about or you don’t even have to be an expert.

You can just document yourself learning about something. It’s all about the title and the thumbnail, that’s what I’ll say there are so many different kinds of channels.

So many different kinds of people that make money on Youtube, like it’s just crazy any channel you could think of it’s there drawing channels, knitting channels.

Like, let’s just find a random one these procreate drawing tutorials get a lot of views like almost anything that you can think of youtube is my personal favourite way because I think making videos is pretty fun editing them is pretty fun although I will say it can be a lot of work and not everyone wants to shoot or edit or be on camera.

So it’s not really for everyone but if you’ve ever been wanting to try it.

So there’s gonna be a period of time where it seems like it’s not really working and you have to push through that so I think it helps to keep in mind that it can take time and that’s completely normal.

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