What Is On Page SEO Beginners Guide

What Is On Page SEO Beginners Guide

What Is On-Page SEO Beginners Guide Learn with me if you have no idea about it that what is actually On-Site SEO? For doing something you have to keep complete knowledge about this thing, before giving a brief guide on On-Page SEO you must have to know what is On-Page SEO.

All those steps which are taken to improve the website ranking or position in search engine results are called On-Page SEO or On-Site Optimization. For example, choosing the proper Title Tags writing comprehensive Meta Descriptions, and also focusing on writing optimized content is called On-Site or On-Page SEO.

Why On-Page SEO Is Important For WebPage?

According to my experience in SEO On Page is most important rather than Off-Page. Without wasting your time I just want to come to the point, of the curse if you are a blogger or business person and won’t improve your business appearance online then you must need to know the importance of Search Engine Optimization.

When a person searches some queries on Google and its related to your website then the Search Engine algorithm system, which is regularly updated by Google directly connected that user to your website if your web page is relevant and fulfils the needs of that user.

Keywords Research

Before choosing your targeted keywords, you must know how people search this term on Google. Always keep in mind that before choosing your phrase or content just remember it is not only for Users or not only for search engines, it must be in a balanced shape means that it’s shaped for both users and search engines. Explore your queries in various ways then set up it for good results. Keyword Research helps you in these cases;

Actually for what people are searching on Google?

The number of people searching for it?

People looking for that information in what format?

Here in this article, we wrote in simple words how to make Keyword Research, what are the famous tools used for research, and how this whole research criterion is vital for your web pages and their superior results.

Keyword Research Tools

In the upper paragraph as you read the importance of keyword research. So now here it’s compulsory for you to be aware of some superb Keyword Research Tools. This helps you to explore your search term according to country or region according to their volume and according to the exact words people searching for. So when you choose the best keywords after exploring their results by using these Keyword research tools mentioned below, you get awesome rankings.

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Keywordtools.io
  • Ahref
  • Long Tail Pro
  • Kwfinder

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Content Optimization

Don’t be ever lazy to write an article in the proper sense, because Content is the King of the SEO system. In this complete guide, you properly learn how to utilize keywords and titles in content which helps your web pages to get a good place in search results. Here I wrote my personal experience about how to write and optimize content for your blog?

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In The First 100 Words use Targeted Keyword Term

I’ve contacted the online field from very old times so I experienced many phases of SEO or ranking till now. To be very frank I want to tell you that in starting days is just wrote an article about 150-200 words 😀 and its grabs traffic for web pages. Yes, it’s grabbed traffic for me and as a result, produced dollars through my all tinny article blog posts, surprised?

But it’s true! that time I used my target keyword again and again in these small articles, according to the passage of time I changed my strategy means I increased the number of words in the article :p but one thing that is the same in my old and present articles is that I always practice using my targeted keyword in the first 100 words of my article, and it still works and enhances search traffic, you must practice this in good manners.

Use of H1 & H2 Tags

H1 tag plays a vital role in terms of understanding Google about the proper structure of your page the site. Using the H1 tag is giving a signal to search engines to better know the important parts of your content. Practice using your targeted keyword in H1 headings. The H2 heading is also important so try to use always your targeted keyword in your Subheading at least once.

Keyword Frequency/Density or Ratio

2:1 😮 don’t be surprised the ratio just comes to mind and I wrote it because in old times I always use this ratio in my 350 words articles :p Yeah, that time I used this ratio or frequency. Keyword frequency means to use your targeted keyword properly, not too low not too high, I mean to say mostly I say that in a balanced shape.

Use keywords like that which impress users and search queries. Don’t practice keyword stuffing. If Google notices keyword stuffing or overuse of your targeted keywords it must penalize your web pages. So always write with care!

Use of Out-Bound or External Links

The use of external links is also a handsome way of optimizing content, External Links give signals to Google that you are writing a detailed article with quality solid information. It also shows that you are not a boot who just writing in a row.

The use of outbound links in your article text increases your ranking in search results also, I experience much good quality content providing websites have no ranking just because they do not use external links to pages.

Optimize URL For SEO

URL optimization is also a part of on-site SEO, and according to my experience, it really matters in terms of ranking factors, and of the curse, Google considered URLs for ranking too.

What are SEO-friendly URLs for ranking? It’s very simple to understand what is URL Optimization, it is simple to use Short Links and add keywords to every URL.

Optimization of Title and Description Tags

According to Google reports ranking any keyword, title, and description tags still helps SEO experts to achieve good results in search. If you want long-term good results in ranking and want to know the proper use of title tag and meta description, then you were in the right area of the post.

Title Tag

Do not ignore the proper use of SEO friendly Title Tag, throughout my knowledge and experience title tag plays a vital role to attract search engines towards content because search engines must catch your front title tag for showing search results. The close title to your keyword is more the chance to increase your ranking.

Meta Description

Google always recommended you to write your own meta description, eye-catching used meta description results in enhancing your organic search result chances. Most important thing is that try must use your main keyword in your meta description.

3C’s Of Search

The three Cs of Search Engine Optimization means Content, Code, and Credibility. Just have a birds-ey view of these 3 Cs of SEO.


As above lines, we have already discussed what is content. Content is the King so always be wiser and think more broadly when writing content. You must be relevant, unique, and clear. Use proper frequency of keywords, choose an attractive title for content and use the best meta description. Use proper internal link building and important tags while writing content.


Designed website code according to Google Spider, because it helps users to access your web page.


Credibility is the main thing that may be the reason for users to come to your site, so always link the site to good authorities pages, which boost your ranking in searches.

Mobile Friendly

Old days are gone, now it’s the modern age, people use the internet on every kind of latest device like Mobiles, I-Phones, Tablet Pc and more. So must build a mobile-friendly or responsive website.

Advance Tips

  • Before writing your content always keep in mind that you must be Relevant, Unique, Be Clear.
  • Use Original Images
  • Image Optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • Detailed Article
  • Call To Action
  • Give Offers

What Is On-Page SEO Beginners Guide, I hope that topic must make you understand at all? If you have any questions or suggestions must mention them below in the comment section.

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