Get Web Traffic Increase Click Through Rate CTR

Get Web Traffic Increase Click Through Rate CTR

This is how you can instantly increase your Click-Through Rate (CTR) so you can drive more traffic to your website. Learn through today’s article so you will know exactly what you need to do to get Web Traffic Increase Click Through Rate CTR.

This works for Web Content, Emails, Subject Lines, Adverts So videos Podcasts, Articles, Ebooks it doesn’t really matter what the format is, but if you’re producing some form of content this is gonna work really.
Well for you! it also works for Email Marketing,  if you’re sending out emails on a regular
basis and you want to increase your open rate this is gonna work for that too.

It’s also going to work if you’re running ads so maybe you’re doing Adwords or Facebook ads this is gonna increase your click-through rate for those two. What is a good click-through rate To aim for?

  • Adwords: Above 2 %
  • FB Ads: Above 1 %
  • Email: Above 20 %
  • Ist Position On Google (1). 30 % Desktop (2). 23% Mobile

Anyway, we hear lots of different opinions across the internet, but opinions are just that let’s go with the data. So let that guide us if you’re running AdWords then a good click-through rate is anything above 2% that seems pretty low.

I know that but that’s the way things are right now that’s where we’re at.

But if you’re running Facebook ads then that decreases down to 1%. If you’re getting anything above a click-through rate of 1% on Facebook ads you’re doing ok. When it comes to email marketing if your open rate or click-through rate on your subject lines is above 20% then you’re doing pretty well.

Now when it comes to email marketing you will notice that the first email you send to your
email list, is most likely gonna be that welcome email. When you say here’s the free thing that you signed up for that is typically gonna get an open rate of around 80 per cent, and then each email after that will the open rate will decrease.

So you can use the steps that I’m giving you today to increase that open rate via email to now interestingly when it comes to Google. If you hit the first-page position the top rank on Google the actual click-through rate varies on the device, that the surfer is using. Let me explain what I mean by that, so on the desktop the click-through rate is on average 30% but on mobile, it drops down to 23%. If you’re getting anything above the metrics here you’re doing pretty well!

Despite What Google Might Tell You

They officially say that there is no correlation between click-through rate and Google rank. That surficial line but how many times have we been told something by Google and then independent researchers or SEO firms. We Have uncovered the country is no different so “Word stream found that through research the increasing click-through rates led to higher organic ranks. If you want to move one spot for instance you need to increase your organic click-through rates by 3 per cent.”

So hopefully when you employ the techniques that I’m giving you today you will be able to get that traction. You will but hopefully, you’ll be able to get those clicks up by 3 per cent at least so you can move up to another position in the Organic Search Engine results pages.

Steps You Can Take To Increase Your CTR

  • Know Your Audience
  • The problem, Desire, What & Why
  • Use Amazon Reviews To Uncover
  • Language
  • Problems
  • Hopes
  • Emotional Drivers
  • Do Keyword Research
  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Google Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Beware Of Negative Keywords
  • Those Go Against Your Goals
  • Answer The User Intent/Search Intent
  • Create A Sense Of Urgency
  • Special Discount
  • Limited Availability
  • Bonuses
  • Make Your Title Stand Out
  • Use Special Characters
  • Quotation Marks Wark Well
  • Use Emojis
  • 45% Of Consumers Prefer Brands That Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously
  • Put The Main Keywords In The Display Title
  • Adwords Lets You Do This
  • Facebook Ads Does Too
  • WordPress Lets You Change The ‘Slug’

Know Your Audience

Ok! Here are the steps that you can take right now to get more click-throughs on your headlines
and on your titles. First of all, know your audience, this is a fundamental step.

What do we really mean by that?

To know your audience you have to know the problems, that they’re facing the struggle they’re currently engaged with you. Have to know that any desire that ends goals what they want to achieve and
why they want to achieve it. That so here we need to know Psychographics and Demographics.
What’s the difference? Well, demographics is who your audience is, so things like the age, gender, their location.

Psychographics is more about their values and why they want them. If you look at the difference between
demographics and psychographics. Comes down to demographics who they are psychographics is why they want to take action.

You have to know both to make this digital marketing stuff work to help you figure this stuff out. You can use Amazon so just head over to or Dakoda UK. Wherever and you’re gonna look for the reviews on products that are similar to the ones that you’re promoting or similar to the content that you create and you’re gonna look for language.

Now I don’t mean like English or Japanese or German or whatever what I mean is the “lingo” the words that they use for example.

If we’re talking about digital marketing well words like SEO has huge relevance and meaning to us but to the wider population out there not so much right. You want to have a look at the language that your audience is using that’s really important. So when you can speak their language and use the same “lingo” deserve that communicates this, there’s almost like tribal aspect so they know that you’re one of them.

I think Amazon is a pretty good starting point for that. It’s also going to help you to uncover the problems, that they’re currently facing. How they’re being underserved so have a look through the reviews what people don’t like if you go to one-star reviews, have a look at the problems that people haven’t managed to solve yet. So what’s wrong with existing products out there.

Have a look at their hopes and what they really want to achieve. So if you ever look again at the one-star reviews, it’s going to tell you that but also have a look at the five-star reviews. It’s going to tell you what people are happy with the results that they want to tell other people about using Amazon reviews.

You’re also gonna find emotional drivers so when it goes to selling stuff we need two things we really need those emotional drivers and emotional triggers. We also need to hit the logical part of the decision-making process but the real motivation here is going to be emotional so use Amazon reviews to have a look through what people are saying.

Look out for certain words that convey emotion taking all of those.

Keyword Research

okay next steps, you have to do your keyword research if you’re creating content or you’re running Ads based on things that you think. People want you could well be mistaken and we don’t take guesses with digital marketing. It is actually like a scientific process! Almost Scientific, just we can really use the data and allow that to guide our decision-making processes.

So do your Keyword Research to make sure that people are actually looking for the content you’re creating or the products that you intend to sell. We do that by using Long-Tail Keywords. I’ve got multiple articles teaching you How to do keyword research? We go way in-depth but you know I’ll
these articles are available to you to uncover those long-tail keyword opportunities. we use the

  • Google Keyword planner
  • Uber Suggest
  • SEM Rush
  • Google Trends

There’s a whole heap of Free Tools out there. Don’t need to pay for them, right that’s what I’m
saying and you can get more other data for free if you’re smart about it. We also look at Google Trends.

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Be Aware Of Negative Keywords

You need to also be aware of negative keywords who are negative keywords well these are
keywords that go against your goals. As a business so for example let’s say you’re selling I don’t know shovels right you’re selling shovels on the internet you wouldn’t use the word free in your copy and your headlines or in your content right because that will pull in people who are only interested in free

When you want to Make Money you want to sell stuff so be aware of the negative keywords that exist in your niche. So when you do your keyword research you might see something like these negative keywords getting high search volume but that’s just gonna pull in the wrong type of traffic so answer the user intent of searcher intent.

Make sure that you create content and copy and run ads for people who are specifically searching. For what you have not because the Keyword Volume tells you that’s a good opportunity. Okay, I’ve seen it multiple times where people are getting ranked on the painful ads that target high longtail keyword search volume keywords but they’re not making sales, and it’s for that reason. So I don’t want you to
fall into that trap.

Sense Of Urgency

The next step that I want you to take is to create a sense of urgency. So you can do this in multiple ways, when we put the pressure on a little bit we increase the temperature a bit it can increase
conversions and not only conversions are only at an opt-in or sales level. Also
when we use it in headlines in sales copy ads, copy you know in blog posts. YouTube videos so if we create a sense of urgency and the actual title in the headline it will increase our click-through rate too.

Special Discount, Limited Availability, Bonuses

So you could offer some kind of special discount you could run a sale. Or you can have limited availability so there’s only X number of places available or so much stock in them. When it’s gone it’s gone or you can offer Special Bonuses. You’ll see me do a whole mix of these when I run a special deal on products usually at launch.

So what I tend to do is drop the price way down at launch and then I
stack the bonuses and give them special stuff that they can’t get anywhere else. I also at times limit the availability because listen I can only work with so many people right I’m only one guy so to make
things fair to my customers. I do limit availability and that means I give everyone the attention that they deserve. So they can get the results that they want so you can mix and match all these
or do a “combo of all three”.

Make Your Title Stand Out

So you can make that really clear in your headline and in your title. So you get that fast click you know people click without thinking about it too much. You can also make your title stand out in a couple of different ways.

Use Special Characters

So a good way to do that is to use special characters. Now way back when maybe 12 years ago we had loads of ads and stuff running with all these weird characters to try and get loads of attention of course advertising platforms. You know put the foot down here can’t do that it looks way spammy.

Quotation Marks Wark Well

Now quotation marks look pretty good, it looks pretty professional, hey it looks okay you can get away with that on some platforms some just don’t allow any special characters but if you can’t do it because it will kind of stand out. And again with emails, you know the quotation marks do stand out or what I sometimes do is put things in brackets it just helps draw more attention and more eyeballs on to what you’ve got we can.

Use Emojis

Use emojis as well I’ve seen a rise in the use of emojis. I have tested this on my emails I haven’t really found a great deal of difference with the last time that I tested it, but I am going to test it again very soon and probably report back on what those kinds of results are but we can use it. Use emojis on the blog
posts, YouTube videos anything that’s going to draw attention. I think sometimes it can have it can work
against you.

45% Prefer Brands

So do test it out now I believe it was a crazy egg I could have that wrong, and they said that 45%of customers prefer brands that don’t take themselves too seriously. Emojis are a good way of conveying that message. I believe it was a crazy egg I could be wrong.

Put The Main Keywords In The Display Title

Put your main keywords in the display title so on AdWords. For example, you can put a display title so it’s gonna have like your URL and you can put that in there. Make sure that you’ve got keywords relevant keywords in that so if you are selling shovels make sure you say something like shovels for sale.

Lets Do Facebook Ads, Adwords & WordPress

Facebook ads also let you do that really effectively, so you don’t want to know if any ad
the platform gives you an option to add something, add it’s gonna benefit you also in WordPress. So you’ll notice that on the search engine results pages what we tend to get is the link. The headline to the piece of content and then Google sometimes tests and then they sometimes remove this. But sometimes you’ll see that there’s a URL underneath that is either underneath the description or underneath the actual title. There so what you want to do is change the slug in WordPress.

So go into the Edit Page and just go to the permalink, put in a few keywords there that are going to change the actual URL of your post and it’s gonna have an additional benefit for search engines too. So you kind of double up on that plus it can increase your click-through rate because whoever might be seeing that sees the keywords, so it’s more relevant to them. So few things for you to do there okay a
a couple of extra bonus steps, so we really want to crank things up.

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Bonus Steps

Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word Of the Title

I want to give you the absolute maximum value that I can hear so capitalize the first letter of each word in your headline. This goes way back to print journalism and newspaper, ISM, and they found that people tend to read each word more or stick. With it so what we want to do is have a copy that absolutely earns its place on the page but we want to make sure that each word encourages the person to read the next word. Then that headline encourages people to read the next bit and so on. So a good way of doing that is to capitalize the first letter of each word in the headline.

Create Split Test In Google Optimize

Anyone can do that it’s pretty simple stuff and also split test things. You can on a be split tests if you don’t have any fancy software to let you do that, and you just publishing content or sales pages. Google optimized is going to allow you to do that. Also, we know that ad platforms allow us to run split test campaigns as well so take advantage of that.

Make A Swipe File

Also, making a swipe file is essential because what you’re gonna do is create a list of the best-performing headlines and copy that. You have and also take note of the results that it gets and then at any point in the future, we can just return to that. Use this over and over again because we know it works and also test other people’s stuff. I’m not saying just copy but certainly do be inspired so go through magazines, newspapers.

Have a look at when you’re scrolling through Facebook or Twitter have a look at the copy that makes you stop scrolling these are pattern interrupts that interrupt your pattern of scrolling so take note of those trying them out.

You know modify them to fit your audience and your content obviously, but I think when you build up your own right file of headlines that have been proven to work for you. And then you also test other people’s you will become unstoppable you’re gonna really increase the traffic to your offers to your pages to whatever it is you’re offering on the internet.

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