Full Guide What Is A Technical SEO Audit

Full Guide What Is A Technical SEO Audit

Learn today What is Technical Search Engine Optimization? We share a complete and Full Guide to What Is A Technical SEO Audit through this article.

What Is Technical SEO?

If you were an SEO geek, who doing SEO for himself or for his clients then it’s compulsory to keep the whole knowledge about all types of SEO types.

Today here in this article I’m gonna talk about Technical SEO. So What is Technical SEO? Here I try to explain the Full Guide What Is a Technical SEO Audit?

Must Learn: On-Page-SEO and Off-Page SEO

All those kinds of technics which were made to improve the technical points of the website in sequence to enhance the ranking of websites posts and pages in search results.

Major Components Of Technical SEO

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Rendering
  • Website Architecture

Just imagine that you created a Website with rich content! But your Technical SEO parameters are messed up. In case do you think that your web pages achieve ranking in SERPs?

No! let me explain more for your ease, you build a website, add rich content but with technical mistakes, in this situation how does Google crawl and index your site or blog, if there is an issue in crawling and indexing then how web page may get a space in the search results! It means you will never ignore technical SEO as it plays a vital role in ranking posts or pages.

In the initial stages, all search engines are doing basic level steps like crawl, render, and also indexing all pages of your website.

These all basic level steps are related to crawling and index, but that doesn’t mean that you achieved the ranking, so don’t be relaxed so early there are many other major factors that were compulsory to get proper rank in results.

I don’t want to make you sad 😉 But don’t lose hope here throughout this article I wanna make you able to audit all technical issues of your website and resolve them with simple steps. So just article is going a little long, grab your best food or snacks with you 😀

If we say that Technical SEO plays a key role in ranking that’s not wrong but it doesn’t mean that technical SEO has to be perfect for ranking.

There are several factors included in Technical SEO for instance, all of your website pages need to be fully secured, content is free from duplicate parameters, Mobile Friendly, rapid page loading speed, and many other points includes in it.

Key Tip! You make easy your web pages for Search Engines the best chance you get to increase ranking.

How Can You Improve Your Technical SEO?

There is a solution for everything in the world, the thing we need is solid attention and proper actions, there are many things included in technical Optimization, it’s not just crawling or indexing a page, we have to take a proper check, below points or checklist for maintaining your site proper performance.

  • Duplicate Content
  • Thin Content
  • Site Architecture
  • Structured Data
  • URL Structure
  • Canonical Tags
  • 301 Redirects
  • 404 pages
  • JavaScript
  • Hreflang
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Robot.txt

There are many more than them includes in technical optimization but I’m trying to cover most of the major key points of them here, as I faced and resolved.

Use A Flat, Organized Site Structure

Most of the problems take place due to the bad structure of your site, or if you have not organized well your site you must face several technical issues. If you do not give focus on your site design and structure, that means you may face crawling and indexing errors, so if you properly fix these steps, then no need to worry at all.

If you strongly structure your site well, take in view all steps like URLs and Sitemaps all these things make everything much easier for SERPs, you were going well.

Make a Flat structure of your website, organizing your web pages in a smooth way like all pages are looking not far from each other when search spiders want to connect any of your pages by travelling through all your linked pages, which is the sign of a well-organized site.

A well-mannered linked site makes an easy way for all search engines to crawl the whole of the website by passing through one page to another.

The best practice is that always make proper internal linking of the pages and never try to leave any page orphan, if you leave pages without internal linking it’s hard for search engines to index them.

Hope now you understand well what is the flat or organized site, and what is the importance of internal linking.

Breadcrumbs Navigation

Breadcrumbs navigation aid consolidate your website architecture. In SERPs Google considered URLs as breadcrumbs navigation style. Breadcrumbs also add automatically categories and pages to your website. So I also recommend breadcrumbs navigation to your site.

Spot Indexing Issues

Here in this section, I would like to recommend, firstly analyze all your web pages which are crawled by Search engine spiders. For finding trouble crawling any page on your site there are 3 major ways to do that.

  • Coverage Report
  • Screaming Frog
  • Ahrefs Site Audit

Use an XML Sitemap

Submitting a sitemap is a great habit, as Google Gradually used your sitemap to crawl your website in URLs. As Google says himself that they used sitemaps for finding your URLs, it is an important source for Google and I suggested you do the same. Submit your sitemap in “Google Search Console” and check for indexed and non-indexed pages.

Go to “Google Search Console” Click on the “Sitemaps”, by doing this you will get to know completely what is Google doing with your posts and pages and what is the exact condition of your site’s links or URLs.

Google Search Console “Inspect”

By inspecting URLs in GSC, this feature gives you clear information about why your URLs are not indexed, and also this feature clearly tells you about the indexed URLs and how Google treats them.

Use An SEO Audit Tool To Find Duplicate Content

Content is Key so always be consistent to write unique content, for making sure that your content is Copywrite free or not duplicated, two SEO Tools are used to audit your content in that case.

  • Raven SEO Tools
  • Ahrefs

For checking to Copywrite content I also used usually used “Copyscape” so I also recommend it to you brief conditions of your content.

Check Tool: On-Page SEO Checker

  • Page Speed
  • Test Load Times With and Without a CDN
  • Image Compression
  • Conclusion/Check List For Technical SEO
  • Update Your Page Experience
  • Crawl Website & Look For Crawling Errors
  • Fix Broken Internal & External Links
  • Get Rid Of Thin or Duplicate Content
  • Used HTTPS Protocol To Your Site
  • Make Sure Your URLs Have A Clean Structure
  • Optimized XML Sitemaps
  • Optimized Robots.txt File
  • Add Structured Data or Schema Markup
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