10 Free Keyword Research Tools To Increase Your Traffic With SEO

10 Free Keyword Research Tools To Increase Your Traffic With SEO

Today you’re going to learn ten ways to do keyword research for free, which means you don’t have to invest in any expensive keyword research software or tools. Just check out these 10 Free Keyword Research Tools To Increase Your Traffic With SEO, to Grow Your Blog.

Everything that I show you are absolutely free. To use we’re gonna go through 10 Free Keyword Research Tools To Increase Your Traffic With SEO of the best that I have found.

1. QuestionDB.io

So let’s start with the very first one that I’ve got for you is caught QuestionDB.io. If we just google QuestionDB you’ll be taken to this website and it says the best content idea generator. When you run out of ideas enter a broad keyword like protein powder “Backlink” to find questions that your readers are asking.

Let’s go ahead let’s go with “Backlinks” and let’s see what we can get so here it’s finding questions it says it should take under a minute. There we go okay that was fast it said we found 351 questions! Wow! and we can download this too to a file or we can sort by popularity or by topic.10 Free Keyword Research Tools To Increase Your Traffic With SEO QuestionDB

Let’s keep it with popularity so here we can also show a source link. If we click that it will allow us to go to the actual source the Reddit sort of here. It says well it shows you exactly what people are asking so this website is mainly used readily it’s going to expand to include other sources too.

But for the moment it really is all about Reddit which is a fantastic resource in itself. Because the people for the most part are asking questions and using the website.

I legitimately potential customers your actual audience instead of people who are trying to influence like search engine results. So to engine results pages or that kind of thing. So here you really do get a good feel of what people in your market are actually concerned about. What the conversation really is about that’s the first questiondb.iO.

2. The Reddit Keyword Research Tool

So let’s go to the second one I’ve got for you, its pulls data from Reddit, it’s called Reddit Keyword Research Tool. I can’t stress how important reading is for market research and it’s become ever more important in keyword research. Because the conversations are so genuine so let’s check out this one.

One of the big marketing subreddits is caught finally enough “Big SEO” so let’s click that and then get keywords here. This is really nice because it’s going to show you the Monthly Search Volume for the U.S. for the traffic.

We have a Google homepage that gets 14,800 searches a month and we have loads of keywords here. So these are the big topics in that subreddit so you can see the context so can go check out the actual sub-posture.

Let’s say you’re not in SEO let’s say you’re in health so might want to go type in keyword health and here we have all the subreddits so click on that get keyword very simple to use and now the list has changed.

So there you can see what we’ve got concerned about what they’re discussing in that subreddit that’s going to give you a whole heap of keyword ideas to choose from.

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3. Chrome Extension (Keyword Surfer)

Let’s head over to the next one, okay the next one is a Chrome extension unfortunately because I’ve got so many apps running on my computer Chrome has crashed.

I can show you how to get the Chrome extension it’s called “Keyword Surfer” and it works in a very similar way to keywords everywhere which you might know has recently moved to a paid platform.

So it was free and it was probably the best keyword research tool available for people who didn’t want to invest like a hundred bucks a month in keyword research. But they moved to a paid model it’s still fairly cheap and it’s really cheap but I know that that has kind of put a lot of people off using them which is fair enough.

I guess if you kind of new to keyword research you might not want to invest a lot any money into it. So, keyword surfer, is a good alternative to keywords everywhere it practically does the same thing as you use Google and search engines.

What it’s gonna do is bring back data about the keyword search volume, I really wish chrome hadn’t crashed it crushed it at the absolute worst possible time for me.

To show you this Chrome extension but it’s got keywords surfer I recommend you check it out it is very good.

4. Google’s Search Console

The next one I’ve got for you is Google’s search console so it makes perfect sense to look at the keywords that you are currently ranking for. Go to your Google Search Console if you haven’t got that set up already it is very easy to do all you have to do is upload a single file to your hosting account in the same directory as your website.

It’s very simple to do and then you verify via Google Search Console so which will allow Google to then monitor your website differently. Because it’s gonna bring back the data that you already ranked for the keywords that you currently rank for it’s gonna show you that position where they are on the search engine results pages.

That means you can know exactly which keywords you should be targeting, which content you need to drive more backlinks, to which content needs to be updated more often. So we start with what’s already working and a lot of things with marketing especially digital marketing because we can track things very quickly and we can get instant results.

That means when it comes to using insert the Google search console it’s going to give you that data immediately so take that use it to increase you suit your own search rank and it is free to use like all the Google tools. I suggest in this list everything is free so let’s go to The next one.

5. Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the most powerful keyword research tools we have a our disposal. So here it says explore what the world is searching enter a search term or a topic. Let’s go with backlinks because we use that previously and there you can see the search volume over the last 12 months from the United States.

We can change the search criteria slightly. So we can go worldwide there you can see over the last 12 months.

It has been a pretty consistent slight increase but if we have a look at the last five years. There you will see that it is definitely increasing over time interest in backlinks has steadily increased year on year.

So that tells us that there’s a demand for this type of content we can drill down into specific categories. If we want to or we can restrict the search to web search image search new search shopping and YouTube search which is really useful for marketers.

So that’s Google Trends he’s certainly one that you have you absolutely have to be used as part of your marketing strategy and it’s also a really good way to verify if a potential.

Niche is worth your time so if it’s absolutely dead there’s nothing happening. You know that you should be looking at a different niche or if you have seasonal niches this is gonna uncover that data for you.

So I would encourage you to stay away from seasonal niches so we can talk more about niche research.

6. Google Related Searches

On to the next and sticking with Google. We’re gonna just use Google itself I’m going to show you how to do that because just the search engine results pages have got a wealth of information for us.

So if we stick with the key phrase we’ve been looking at backlinks if we go down to this people also ask what is a Buckland on a website what is a CEO buckling examples.

How to create backlinks how does a backlink work this is all very valuable information, that Google is just giving you straight off the back. So you know what people are also searching for when it comes to this broad search term there we have very specific key phrases that people are searching for it. For carrying on scrolling down to the bottom there you can see that people are also searching for things like getting backlinks.

Google-type of backlinks examples backlinks free lows of data already available for you on the search engine results pages so take advantage of that.

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7. Infinite Suggests

The next one I’ve got for you is called Infinite Suggests calm and it says never-ending Google keyword suggestions. So it already gives us a demo keyword to start with a skateboard and let’s change that to backlinks and then we can choose the language.

We can choose which Google search engine to use and which country to target and then it says get this party started let’s click that and it’s going to bring back a list of keyword suggestions.

So there it says backlinks YouTube backlinks vs. Referring to main aims Buckley websites backlinks explained and if we have a look down here we can see how many pages of results it’s bringing back. So at least 15, so let’s go to 15 there you can see we have got so many keyword suggestions.Infinite Suggests Account

Here I’d encourage you to go further with the longtail ones instead of short one or two-word key phrases.

I would encourage you to stick with those but then in addition to that include extra ones. So you create long keyphrases. So that one is called infinite suggests a never-ending keyword. Google keyword suggestions absolutely very useful platform for us.

8. Keyword Sheeter

Use next one is called KeywordSheeter.com so it enters keywords one per line. So I’m gonna go backlinks let’s just go with that and then click sheet keywords it’s gonna bring back a list.

So many keyword suggestions here if we have a look there let’s stop cheating. So there it’s generated a whole heap of keyword ideas but clinks buckling.

SEO backlinks mean checking backlinks for a website when you could go through this all day long so that’s gonna give you. I mean a really good starting point if you’re absolutely stuck for content ideas or keyword ideas. Keyword Sheeter is a really good website.

9. Bulk Keyword Generator

Check out next I’ve got the Bulk Keyword Generator for you. So it says the perfect SEO keyword tool for small businesses. This is really nice tool so here it says choose business type let’s go with and that is kinda relevant to me if possible.

So what have we got I do like a bit of photography let’s go with that and then we have other sections to choose from here.

So let’s just go advertising photography select service types and here it’s going to ask to enter a location. So I’m just going to put the UK and then generate keywords and it’s brought back a small list because I’ve only used a couple of keywords and one location here.

So it’s got UK advertising photographers have attacked in photographer UK advertising photographers in the UK.Bulk Keyword Generator

So if you spend a bit more time on this tool add a few more keywords add more locations you’re gonna get more data back, it’s gonna give you a lot more keyword ideas for you to use. So that’s a really useful tool it is called a book keyword generator I will put links down below for you.

10. Keyword Tool

The next one I’ve got for you is called keywordtool.io. This is such a useful keyword tool. It’s a little bit limited but it gives us enough to get going and uncover some useful data. So here we can search Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and eBay really useful platforms for it to search.

If you want to make money on eBay or Amazon placed or even Instagram and Twitter are available. So we put the keyword in the search bar, then we choose images, videos, and news.

What type of content do we want to search and then we can choose the location here. So I’m just going to put in backlinks and here it’s going to bring back more keyword ideas.10 Free Keyword Research Tools To Increase Your Traffic With SEO KeywrodTool

So a lot of keyword suggestions if you want to see search volume and that kind of thing then you can upgrade. But there it’s going to give you a whole heap of keyword suggestions. So what you might want to do is use the Chrome Extension that I mentioned previously run those key phrases through that.

So you can uncover the search volume so that’s gonna save you a bit of money every month so that is a Keyword Tool.

Bonus Tool


Okay so that’s ten but I’m going to give you an extra one this is called answerthepublic.com. So it’s really simple to use there’s a limited number of free searches available every day.

So here we can type in something like backlinks and see what people are discussing about people asking about backlinks and it’s gonna give you so much data it’s crazy it’s gonna take a little while to bring back that info the order is it in a very specific way.

So I’ll tell you the questions it’s gonna show you comparisons it’s gonna list everything alphabetically for you there are hundreds and hundreds of keyword suggestions for you.

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