Ways to Monetize On Facebook Page

Ways To Monetize On Facebook Page

What Is Facebook Monetization?

Before talking about Ways to Monetize On Facebook Page, I want to explain some other factors which you would need to know. If we simply say that revenue earns through Facebook by providing something valuable is called Facebook Monetization or Earn Through FB. A long time ago Facebook provides many ways to earn through content to their reliable users.

Many ways available to earn from Facebook like you can earn money from your Products, Services. Facebook users also can make money from their Facebook Groups or Pages. During this article, we were going to discuss how to earn from a Facebook Page and how many ways are available to do that?

Why We Should Monetize Our Facebook Page?

If someone created a Facebook page and has a good amount of followers. Also, someone has good engagements and reach on their pages, then what’s wrong to monetize these pages for meaning purposes.

People who keep good value content on their pages can simply earn from their engagements. Facebook provides this opportunity for its users, so it is up to you how you people gain benefits from this opportunity.

Facebook Monetization Guidelines

When you post content on Facebook there are several ways to earn money through your content. For monetization, a Facebook page must comply with all policies of the FB earning program.

Before applying for any type of Monetization program on Facebook you must have to follow all rules and policies, you have to manually check that your content is eligible or not for earning partner program. You have to follow the rules below for making your page standard up to their rules.

  • Facebook Community Standards
  • Partner Monetisation Policies
  • Content Monetisation Policies

What Are Facebook’s “Community Standards”?

Facebook proudly serves more than 2 billion people across the globe and provides its users with a free place where they can share their thoughts freely. People have the freedom to utilize their accounts as per their interests and hobbies with their friends and family. So where Facebook deal with billion of people every day Facebook also knows well how to make a safe and secure environment for its clients.

Some of the most Important Facebook Community Standards Policies are listed below which has been applied to all Facebook users.

  • Saftey
  • Authenticity
  • Privacy
  • Dignity
  • Objectionable Content

What Are Facebook’s “Payment Terms”?

Whenever we talk about any platform monetization, one of the most prominent points is payment terms which come to mind. Before setting any payment you must have to agree with the Facebook Payment Terms and Conditions.

What Are “Page Terms”?

If you want to monetize your Facebook Page, then you must have to follow some of the most important Page terms. I tried to mention all these terms below, have a look.

  • Facebook actually does not allow those pages whose names were looks totally common like “The Mobile Store”
  • The name of the page you choose must give Grammarly sense.
  • FB Page Terms also works on “Extra Long” Names.
  • The Page Name must be not hurt someone or violate anybody’s goodwill, name, or rights.
  • Another important point is if you were trying to collect visitors’ personal data from any type of ‘call to action” button. In That case, you have to make clear to your visitors why you collecting and what you gonna going to do with their data.

Now if as a page creator you follow all these Page Terms then you must get Facebook Monetization, like that you were able to earn through your content.

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How To Check Your Eligibility For Monetization

Before applying for any kind of Facebook Page Monetization program, the first thing is to check whether your page is eligible for that program or not. You have to see that a certain page fulfils the eligibility criteria. Now I want to share with you people how to check whether your page is meet the eligibility criteria or not.

  • Go To “Facebook Creator Studio“
  • Follow the “Monetization” tab on the sidebar.
  • Select Desired Page
  • On the Right hand, you see all the status that page is eligible or not.

Ways To Monetize On Facebook Page

Facebook is the number one social media plate form, that’s why the Facebook team always tries to entertain its valuable customers. At present times FB allows 6 major ways to earn a handsome amount of money through Facebook.

  • In-Stream Ads for On-Demand
  • In-Stream Ads for Live
  • Fan Subscriptions
  • Stars
  • Instant Articles
  • Brand Collabs Manager

Bonus Ways

  • Sell Products Or Goods
  • Membership Subscriptions & Selling Online Courses
  • Send Traffic To Affiliate Marketing Sites
  • Sell Your Services Growing A Page
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