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Ufone SMS Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Today we were going to describe the best of Ufone SMS Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly – Ufone low rate SMS bundles for Prepaid users recently offered by the company.

In Pakistan there are many popular cellular networks are working and offering several affordable packages for their clients. It is the desire of every telecommunication organization to provide quality services at low prices. So keeping following this point Ufone also brings many low and cheap bundles for its reliable members. We can not stop ourselves when Ufone recently launched this really wonderful offer for sending messages to your loved ones. So the reason behind this post is clear we want to share this low prices latest SMS offer with our regular readers.

Ufone this time offers several deals for different states of the country. SMS is the common medium of contact with others now these days. Most people prefer to send a message instead of calling in many conditions. Because SMS is the cheapest way of communication between two persons.

No doubt SMS is the lowest rated medium of contact but if you were subscribed to any cheap price package. Sending messages without activating any SMS offer is also expensive.

Back in the year, 2001 Ufone starts its cellular GSM operations in Pakistan and till now became a top-level telecommunication provider in the country. The company’s famous slogan “Tum He To Ho” is becoming the best tool to attract more clients to the network.

Ufone SMS bundles are for a daily basis, weekly level and also for monthly time periods. The company provides these SMS bundles at really cheap rates. UPaisa users also get more benefits from SMS bundles.

More than half of 24 million total subscriptions of Ufone use SMS deals for contacting their friends and family. Ufone also got the “Best Telecommunication Service Provider Award” in the year 2012. Below we explain in detail all these SMS bundles for PrePaid users.

Prepaid SMS Packages

Ufone offers the very best packages to people who use Ufone as their SIM network for informing or calling Ufone or other organizations. Ufone offers the best of best SMS bundles for all PrePaid users in different shapes, you can check here all types of PrePaid SMS packages in detail.

Daily SMS Bundles

First of all, we going to discuss Ufone daily SMS bundles for those users who want to activate massage deals for 24 hours.

Ufone Night SMS Bundles

PriceRS. 1
Details300 SMS
Validity1 Day
ActivationSend SMS “Sub” to 609

Ufone Daily SMS

PriceRs. 2 + tax
Details500 SMS
Validity1 Day
Activation Send SMS “Sub” to 611

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Ufone Daily

PriceRS. 4.7
Details16000 SMS
Validity1 Day
ActivationSend SMS “Sub” to 605

Ufone UTH Bundle

PriceRs. 2 + Tax
Details600 SMS
Validity1 Day
ActivationSend SMS “Sub” to 609

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages

PriceRS. 10
Details12000 SMS
Validity7 Days
ActivationSend SMS “Sub” to 608

Ufone Asli Chapper Phaar Offer

PriceRs. 120 (15 Paisa Per call charges)
Duration7 Days
On-Net-Minutes100 Minutes
Internet100 MBs
Free SMS100 SMS
ActivationDial *5050#
How To Check Remaining Data Dial *707#

Monthly SMS Bundles

PriceRS. 80
Details2000 SMS
Validity30 Days
Activation Send SMS “Sub” to 607

SIM Lagao Offer

PriceRs. 0 Incl. Tax
Validity30 Days
On-Net-Minutes6000 Minutes
Free SMS6000 SMS
Internet6 GB
ActivationDial *5000#

Nayi SIM Offer

PriceRs. 50 Incl. Tax
Validity30 Days
Ufone-Minutes500 Minutes
Free SMS500 SMS
Internet1000 MBs + 1000 MBs Facebook
ActivationDial *1000#

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Ufone Monthly SMS Package

PackageUfone Monthly SMS Package
PriceRS. 80
Details20, 000
Validity30 Days
ActivationSend SMS “Sub” to 607

Ufone Super Card

PriceRs. 550 Incl. Tax
Duration30 Days
On-Net-Minutes1000 Minutes
Other Net Minutes150 Minutes
Free SMS4000 SMS
Internet1200 MBs
ActivationLoad Super Card

Ufone Super Card Plus

PriceRs. 599 Incl. Tax
Validity30 Days
On-Net-Minutes1200 Minutes
Other Net Minutes180 Minutes
Free SMS4200 SMS
Internet2 GB
ActivationDial *250#

Ufone 15 Days SMS Bundles

PriceRS. 30
Details10, 000 SMS
Validity15 Days
ActivationSend SMS “Sub” to 603

Terms & Conditioins

  • All types of terms and conditions are applied to each offer
  • Using a SIM card without any legal document is illegal
  • All packages above must be manually subscribed and un-subscribe
  • Default price of RS. 1.20 is charged on SMS without activation any bundle
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