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Ufone Ladies Package

For every lady and woman in the country, Ufone introduced an amazing offer “Ufone Ladies Package“. This bundle is specially designed for girls and women of Pakistan.

Ufone ladies package is available in the whole country, the package is not limited to one city or state. Through this deal, every woman gets a huge relief. For women internet and making calls is one of the best hobbies in their spare time. The company will understand how much ladies are crazy about making calls and using the internet on their cell phones. Keeping in mind all these values the networking lunch this offers.

Recently when Ufone presents this deal just after the lunch of the offer, those girls who were studying in universities and colleges rapidly join to this stunning deal. Housewives also appreciate a lot to this deal.

The best reason for women to join this offer is the low rates and exceptional quality speed of internet data. The deal is also the best choice for young kids because school going kids also always looking for low rate packages.

Since the lunch of this package, its became really popular among every age people, every occupation and every type of woman.

The fair charge offered by the deal is RS.2 per hour and there is nothing any kind of hidden charges.

Instructions To Subscribe

  • Dial “*34#” for activating the offer
  • You have to choose the offer at your own risk.
  • All terms & conditions are allowed on the “Ufone Ladies Package”

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Outline Of Table Ufone Ladies Package

Ufone To Ufone & PTCL RS. 2for 1 hour from 10 am to 5 pm
Ufone To Ufone & PTCL RS. 160for 1 minute from 5pm to 10am
Ufone To Other Mobile Networks RS. 160for 1 minute at any time
Sms From Ufone To Ufone RS. 150per sms at any time
Sms From Ufone To Other Networks RS. 150per sms at any time
Sms From Ufone To An International Number RS. 250per sms at any time

Terms & Conditions

For all subscribers there are some points to follow, these points are listed below.

  • The charges in whole for Ufone to Ufone number and also for PTCL connection numbers are deducted as RS.2 including a tax on each call you make.
  • For this offer usually a fixed of 50 Paisas including tax would be charged on every step by step initiative.
  • Free calls getting by the offer would be treated as hourly calls.
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