How To Check Ufone Number?

How To Check Ufone Number?

Are you using Ufone and still don’t know How To Check Ufone Number? Here we teach you how you easily see your Ufone phone numbers by using a simple method.

Ufone begins its telecom services back in the year 2001 and became one of the most demanding mobile phone service provider networks in Pakistan. Due to the best packages prices and rates, Ufone achieved a hug cellular users family all over the country. The client’s family in the country increasing day by day, and currently, Ufone serves more the 22 million subscribers. The main reason for Ufone’s popularity is that the company spread its services even in very small villages in Punjab and Sindh provinces.

Now it is very important for every Ufone user to know exactly that how to check their Ufone numbers?

So we come up with the solution to this issue here, so all you need to just read carefully for understanding how you can check through your mobile phone about the status or number of your SIM card.

In case someone lost his cell phone, and he did not remember his SIM number or maybe just newly bought a SIM connection and wants to check his/her number. So if you also facing such a condition then below we describe a complete guide about it.

Guide To Check Ufone Number Free

Now, these days it’s really easy to check Ufone numbers, so we also share 2 types of techniques below, just have a look.

Technique Number # 1

  • First of all, open your mobile number dial pad.
  •  Now dial *780*3# and hit the call button.
  • After hitting the call button now you have to wait for a few moments.
  • After a few moments, you just received now a detailed message from the company.

Technique Number # 2

  • Now in this technique just have to open your phone calling pad
  • Now dial *1#
  • After dialling the code now you received your phone number.

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Check Ufone Number Through App

If you don’t want to check your number from the above techniques you can also find your cell number through messaging app. This method is not only for Ufone users but also for Jazz and Zong customers who can check through it.

  • First of all, open the Mobile Messaging App from your cell.
  • Make New Text. Create a new text document.
  • In the new text area now type “MNP
  • Now just send your text to “667”
  • After some time you could receive a detail containing text by the company.

Check SIM Number Through Helpline.

Now perhaps you don’t want to do any of the above procedures by yourself then the easiest way for you is to call the Helpline.

  • You need to open a mobile calling dial pad
  • Now call on “333
  • You have to talk with the Ufone helpline operator
  • The operator would ask you for some important information
  • After asking for basic information to you now they provide you with all of your details include SIM number.
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