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Helpful Guide How To Open Jazz Cash Account

How to open a Jazz Cash Account? If you looking for that query then here we write a detailed article about Helpful Guide How To Open Jazz Cash Account?

Jazz telecom proves to the whole country that Jazz is one of the best GSM providers. Jazz’s high quality 2 G, 3 G, 4 G and also 5 G services are very famous. A large range of customers is using the Jazz network. Millions of users everyday top up their accounts, as well as they, need to send and receive money for different purposes.

Now, these days people want to do every task at their doorstep, technology makes everything easy and also no doubt makes people lazy. People want to load their phone credit from home, also people want to submit their utility bills and fees while just laying at home. So in that case everyone looking for reliable mobile banking because only mobile banking would make everything possible.

Jazz Cash fulfils all the needs of a common person, now its became really easy with the help of Jazz Cash because it is very easy to make a JazzCash account. If you also want to create your mobile bank account with the help of Jazz network and you do not know how to create then we provide a helpful guide with step by step explanation.

Jazz  Cash allows its user to make online shopping from the comfort of their home. This is the best form of online banking on a cell phone. The best thing is that it’s really easy to use and also without any creation charges.

Major Benefits Of Jazz Cash Account

  • Cash Transfer
  • Charge Payment
  • Portable Account Services
  • Instalments

Strategy For Making Transactions On Jazz Cash Account

If you already make a Jazz Cash account then for you it is compulsory to learn how can you make transactions through it. Below with step by step guide, you can learn free how to create or make hustle free money transactions with a Jazz Cash account. The downside we mentioned all the important points, and learn from them how to make transactions on the Jazz Cash mobile account.

  • For making every transaction on the Jazz cash account clients would have to dial “*786#” firstly
  • If the client is not using the Jazz network then, the Jazz app is batter exchange for them
  • After making the transaction with the help of using code, now users may receive a detailed text from “8585

If users need more details about their account and transactions they can simply call helpline “4444“.

For other networks customers, they have to use “021-111-124-444” this number as a helpline.

Steps To Open Jazz Cash Account

Stage 1

  • Jazz and all Warid users can activate their Jazz Cash accounts by dialling “*786#” from their cell phones.
  • After dialling the code now a pop-up window would appear which required your details of CNIC number.
  • This Mobile bank account is created at your doorstep
  • For all those clients who were not using Jazz network SIM card for them, they have to visit the Jazz franchise
  • At the franchise, members have to complete the whole biometric procedure
  •  After the biometric procedure first account was created
  • Users without a Jazz network would make it possible with the help of the Jazz App

Stage 2

Once you complete stage one which is mentioned above, after this you need to follow stage two which you see below with all steps.

  • A very important point is to make your person MPIN which is comprised of 4 digits
  • Keep in mind you don’t have to share your PIN number with anyone, make it secure
  • If you feel your PIN is not secure, and you want to change it then just dial helping of Jazz for that “4444” for users from other networks they need to dial “021-111-124-444

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Stage 3

Now after the first two stages, this is very meaningful to follow stage number three.

  • For deposit money, you have to go to your closest Jazz house
  • For finding the nearest Jazz franchise dial “B” and send it to “2179
  • You can also find your nearest Jazz Cash account by dialling “*786*0*1#
  • You can make transactions through your valid bank accounts
  • Your current valid cell number is your Jazz Cash Account

Amount Transfer Limit For JazzCash

Account Level Daily DebitMonthly DebitYearly Debit
Level 0RS. 25000RS. 40,000RS. 200, 000
Level 1RS. 50,000RS, 80, 000RS. 800, 000
Level 2RS. 50,000RS, 500, 0006000, 000

Bank Eligible For JazzCash Transactions

  • Mobilink Microfinance Bank
  • Reserves Transfer Limit For JazzCash


Will I Use JazzCash Without Jazz SIM?

Yes! You can make your Jazz Cash account without having a Jazz SIM card.

Is a jazz Cash Account qualified for Below 18 years?

No! Jazz Cash account is not for below 18 years kids.

Could I Use My Jazz Cash Card For Online Shopping?

Yes! You can use your Jazz cash card for online shopping.

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