How To Load A Jazz Card Latest

How To Load A Jazz Card? Best Easy Methods

Today through this post we were going to teach you How To Load A Jazz Card – Here we trying to share the best methods to top up your Jazz balance in your account.

Jazz considers the most usable mobile network in Pakistan. At least every part of the country is covered by this popular network. If you are also a Jazz network client and want to load your Jazz balance card in your account then you were on the right post of the website.

The jazz network became bigger in size and better in services after emerging with the Warid network. Now the company comprises more than 60 million users across the nation. The company expanded its services and area step by step in the country. Now if you still don’t know how to check How To Load A Jazz Card with various useful methods, then here we explain all the procedures with all basic steps. Now just follow ahead.

How To Load A Jazz Card?

For loading the Jazz card into your phone we were going to adopt 3 major methods.

  • By Using Scratch Card Method
  • Utilizing Jazz World App
  • Through Using a Digital Wallet

By Using Scratch Card Method

In this method, you have to buy a card from any nearest shop.

  • After purchasing a card now you have to scratch it first
  • After scratching now open your phone dial the pad
  • Here type *123*14 digits numeric code and #
  • After this press the call button
  • Now you received your top-up

Utilizing Jazz World App

You can also top up your account with the official Jazz World App. It is also very easy as the method before recharging the account. You have to follow the simple steps for further operation.

  • First of all, need to download Jazz World App from the play store or app store
  • After downloading now install the application on your phone
  • Once you install the application nowhere you can see the option “Re-Charge”
  • Just press the recharge button
  • You have the choice to select pay them through scratch card
  • Enter 14 digit codes from your card
  • Click recharge

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Through Using a Digital Wallet

If you do not feel comfortable choosing the above methods then you can also recharge your account with Jazz digital wallet.

How to Contact Jazz Customer Service?

It is very easy to contact Jazz customer services, you can easily call on “111” directly and make fast contact with the helpline. You can also physically visit any nearest Jazz franchise.


How Might I Check Jazz Mobile Credit?

Simply dial *111# from your PDA at whatever point you need. For checking the balance dial simply “*111#

What Are The Other Ways To Restore A Jazz Account?

You have the option to choose other ways to recharge your account like Jazz cash, Easypaisa, by official website or you can also visit Jazz service house for a recharge

What Is the Jazz Card Code?

Jazz card includes *123*14 digits of card number #.

Would I be able to stack my Jazz Postpaid Card?

Yes! you can also top up your PostPaid account by card.

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