The Complete Basic Guide To Off Page SEO

The Complete Basic Guide To Off Page SEO

Do you know What is Off-Page SEO? If not then Learn through The Complete Basic Guide To Off-Page SEO article here.

In efforts to increase results in search engines like Google, all those steps which are taken to boost your position in the ranking are usually called Off-Page SEO, it include actions for sharing stuff on social media, steps for enhancing user engagement and building backlinks.

The Complete Basic Guide To Off-Page SEO

If simply I say what is Off-Page SEO? it would include all kinds of those steps which are often taken for increasing webpage ranking in search engines like Google, Bing and other search engines. Here through this article, you learn The Complete Basic Guide To Off-Page SEO with simple and easy steps.

Why Off-Page SEO Is Important?

if you were confused, I want to tell you people that don’t be confused, because Yes! Off-Page SEO still matters and gives a huge boost to your website or brand in ranking. From starting days people use a lot of tricks and tips for getting high results in ranking, from the start to now there are countless changes released by Google for getting ranked higher in search results.

Google is very smart and always sorts things on merit, From time to time, Google gives the latest updates about ranking factors how Google meets the rank procedure, what Google-like,s and What does not like by its algorithm or crawlers. Google always issues the latest methods of white hat SEO.

Google recently says quite clear that “We were still using PageRank after 18 Years”, that statement is enough to understand that still PageRank matters for the ranking system.

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It means Google counts other websites’ authority links to your website, the more high PageRank webpages give signals to your site, the more chances to get higher results. In the rest of this complete basic guide about Off-Page Search engine optimization, I will cover all the necessary factors that really you need to know.

Building Backlinks

When we talk about the rankings in SERPs, its means the webpage needs quality links pointing to your site from related sites. Just focus I say quality links so, in that case, be patient and just build quality, not quantity. In simple words Backlinks quality matters for ranking high in Google, not quantity matters. So always go with related links and must be from authority channels.

How To Get High-Quality Backlinks?

As I explained backlinks are matters a lot in terms of getting a high place in search results, so it’s not mean that you just create tons of links to your site without quality or relevancy. Keep in mind if you just follow spammy tactics, Google must be punishing you by hitting penalties on your content. So just be relevant and natural while creating links to your site.

Don’t follow the quantity just create quality and save your web pages from Google hit. Simply just think if you won’t vote, then think what kind of vote will work or what kind of vote give quality to you, of cursing the vote matters for you is high authority, which gives some sense to search engine that the voter page is in good quality and have sound authority.

Getting high-quality backlinks is not child’s play, it’s quite a tough task. I always focus on these things while building links for the site.

  • Natural
  • Relevant
  • Authoritative
  • Unique

Here we go just read the content with care and attention because Off-Site Search Engine Optimization is too sensitive in my opinion. Because if you do not follow quality or authority, instead of getting ranking your webpages are dropped from search results.

Below I describe some important and healthy ways of getting high-quality Do-Follow Backlinks.

  • Be a Source For Bloggers and Reporters(HARO)
  • Get Contextual Links
  • Guest Posting
  • Forums
  • Sharing Sites (Image, Audio, Video)
  • Backlink Profiles
  • Web 2. O Sites
  • Broken Link Building Method
  • Publish Ultimate Guides
  • Brand Building

Be A Source For Bloggers and Reporters(HARO)

Getting quality Backlinks is not an easy task, but it’s also not impossible. As always I say just be in the circle of quality and apply things slowly and wisely.

Before starting here I would like to define to you what is HARO? HARO stands for “Help A Reporter Out”. This is basically a free service providing platform, which connects Journalists and bloggers who looking for free contributors to their websites, with expert sources like you.

You can become a source for other Bloggers and Reporters with your experience and expert level in writing an article.

How Does HARO Work?

Go to Help a reporter simply join as an “I’m Source”. After subscribing usually HARO sends you an email, the mail is a field with choirs from different writers in your industry. You can respond to an email that relates to you and your brand or business by adding your resumes.

Have more chances if you respond rapidly because these writers get many submissions from different sources. After your submission, you will get an email from these reporters or bloggers that your article is going live now.

Get Contextual Links

Getting Contextual Links is an old and useful way of link building that still works for Off-Page SEO if contextual links are unique and relevant. Links that are embedded in the text are known as Contextual links.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is also a very powerful way of getting an authority do-follow link to your site. Actually, guest posting is not the only way to link your site in fact through a guest post you also get a source of targeted traffics.

For understanding, guest posts simply write eye-catching content for other bloggers and request them to publish it, like that you give them free content and they give back to you by providing a link to your site.


Forums are a very helpful way to get links to your site, you can achieve healthy linking from forums if you be relative to your topic.

Sharing Sites

Links by sharing sites give a great boost to your ranking. There are many sharing sites that have great authority and audience. If we talk about sharing sites its means that we have to keep in mind below sources of sharing sites.

  • Image Sharing Sites
  • Video Sharing Sites
  • Audio Sharing Sites

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Backlink Profiles

Creating backlinks by Profile Making is also a very strong way of SEO. Backlink Profiles is not a big deal, it’s quite easy to build Do-Follow backlinks through this source. There are countless free Profile creation sites available on the internet.

Web 2. O Sites

According to my Web 2. o is the easiest way of achieving high-quality do-follow links for your website or brand business. There are many high DA and PA web 2. o sites available like Blogger, Word press, Weebly, etc.

Broken Link Building Method

The dead or Broken link building method allows you to replace 404 error pages on your working websites directly. This method still working these days in terms of getting quality backlinks to your site.

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