Blogging Tips To Know Before Starting A Blog

Blogging Tips To Know Before Starting A Blog

If you want to become a Successful Blogger then here In this article, I’m going to talk about Blogging Tips To Know Before Starting A Blog.

So whether you’re thinking about starting one, you’ve already started one, and you’re a little bit into it or you’ve been doing it for a while and you’re super frustrated because you’re not finding success. 🙁

You’re in the right place I’m going to, go over these tips and tricks that we have learned along the way. These are proven to make you succeed if you follow the plan and follow the process.

I’m super excited to share these with you. I’m super passionate about helping others people find their freedom through blogging, through creating online businesses.

So these are gonna be our tips and tricks to share with you and just so you know who we are if you’re so without further ado let’s jump into these tips.

So before we even get into these tips you really want to sit down and write down what your way to figure out?

What Your Big Way Is, Why Are You Starting This Blog?

What is the reason behind it? because that’s going to keep you motivated to get over the learning curve. Really dive headfirst into this and make it a full-time business or make it a nice side hustle income for us.

We were always getting questions, about personal finance and how we were able to save money and be frugal from our friends and family?

I was really passionate about helping others do the same. So I started a blog to help other people with their personal finance along with making a nice side hustle income and we just absolutely fell in love with it.

It’s very important to understand your way to really dig deep into yourself. Sit down with a piece of paper and write down the reasons why you want to Start A Blog.

It could be you want more freedom you want to be able to quit your 9 to 5 job. You just want extra income that you can pay off debt. Whatever it may be there’s no right or wrong answer but make sure you understand you’re way before you even get started.

Pick The Right Niche

Number one is making sure you pick the right niche. Now a niche is just a subcategory of a larger topic. So for us when we started it was personal finance. But we niched it down even further into budgeting and saving money and from there once we grew we kind of expanded the topics that we talk about On our blog.

It’s important when you’re first starting to focus very narrowly on a niche. So whether that is gardening or beauty or electronics. Where any topic that you are super passionate about and have experience in and you want to help other people, solve their problems. Make sure you pick a niche you stick with it and you own that niche.

So don’t start a lifestyle blog with all these different categories and you’re talking about everything you really want to narrow focus on when you’re first starting. So that you can own that niche and then expand from there. That’s super important to pick not only a niche, that you are passionate about and you have experience in and you want to make an impact, but one that’s profitable ones like personal finance. Making money online blogging not lifestyle cooking, cleaning, beauty.

All these are good niches they’re proven to work. You can make money in them but if you go into blogging and try to write about frogs, the different types of frogs, or something really weird. Every niche like that you’re not gonna have any success.

You wanna pick a niche that’s also profitable along with your passion and that’s gonna really set you up for success.

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Stop Wasting Your Time (Logo, Theme, Design)

Stop wasting your time on the logo, theme, and design of the look and feel of your blog for some reason. We did the same thing we spent so much time trying to make it look perfect.

Before we hit publish, I suggest just going with it hit start, just publish. Basically when you get wrapped up in making it look perfect in dealing with the theme and trying to learn coding and all this stuff. You prevent yourself from really taking action on creating the content that’s going to get people and attract people to you in your blog.

So my suggestion is just get started to do it, don’t focus a lot of time on the logo and the theme. Spend a couple of hours at most doing those things but really just get started in creating content and hitting publish.

Believe it or not when you hit publish and make your blog live whether you have one article or 10 articles ready. It’s not like the floodgates of traffic are not going to open up possibilities. Your friends and family might be able to see it because you’re posting on social media and share how excited you are.

But other than that it’s not like the moment you get published, there are thousands upon a thousand people coming to your blog.

So at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what it looks like when you’re first starting. It’s something that’s always going to be in a process of moving forward-looking and feeling better with user experience.

Our blog is constantly a work of progress it’s never a finished product. That’s what’s fun about blogging is that you always can improve and grow and build on top of each other.

Understanding That Blogging Is Not A Sprint But It Is A Marathon

Understanding that blogging is not a sprint but it is a marathon. Now I’ve done the research and I’ve read other research. Most bloggers don’t make any money in their first year.

There’s a huge learning curve to blogging it’s starting a business there’s just a lot of stuff to learn. Along the way to really understand how to make money and build articles that will drive traffic to get people on your email list.

There’s a whole process it takes time to learn. So understand that when you start this you’re not going to start making money within a month or two.

It’s going to take at least six to 12 months to really start earning that income.

Each Piece Of Content Has A Purpose

Make sure that each piece of content that you create for your blog has a purpose you should never just go into blogging and start to create content if there’s not a purpose behind it.

For example, when we started our blog we wrote an article on how to get the most out of the steelers training camp and nobody read it because no one cares about it, didn’t really solve a problem. We have not niched steelers we’re big Steelers fans of a niche steelers website or blog.

We were a personal finance site so it made no sense that we were publishing that content. So you really need to take the focus off of yourself. Put it onto your ideal reader. So what problems do they have and how can you solve them?

That’s it you’re a business owner. You’re a blogger you are just a problem solver. To understand what your reader’s problems are and create content that solves them. Now we like to use the content trifecta and this is very important to focus on taking some notes on each piece of content.

Like I said needs to be purposeful and there are three ways to make it purposeful. Number one you focus on SEO you focus on a keyword in almost all of your articles. I would say 90 of these 90 of the articles you create should be SEO-related and should be focusing on a keyword to eventually rank into Google.

That way you’re growing that evergreen traffic and each article you’re creating is evergreen. It’s not just a one-off where it’s social media-driven then the traffic dies and what’s the use of it. So lot almost all your content should be SEO-driven, you should learn SEO.

Quality Content/Content Is King

It needs to be purposeful but it also needs to be quality content. You should not just be pumping out articles. After the article, you really want to focus on quality over quantity.

If you can only publish one article a week that’s high-quality content that’s perfectly fine, that’s plenty even if you can only do one a month. Make sure it’s epic and it’s like the dopest piece of content you could ever create.

But you really don’t need to be pumping out three four five articles a week you wanna focus on the quality of that content.

You want to make sure that you are going out onto the search platforms like Google or Pinterest. Searching the topic that you’re writing about getting inspiration from others. Make sure that your content is a step better than theirs, what did they not address in their articles. What can be added can you add more options in the article just a bunch of stuff.

It’s called the skyscraper technique. Make sure you are going out looking at what is ranking in Google? What is ranking in Pinterest? and trying to outperform that creating better content. Which solves the reader’s problems better and better, and that’s how you’re really going to see success is focusing on that quality versus quantity.

Diverse Source

Make sure that you are diversifying your traffic. You’re not putting all of your eggs in one basket. Now certain platforms are really meant for driving traffic which I like to call search engines.

You’re talking SEO so google you’re talking Pinterest and Youtube. Now Youtube’s a totally separate thing, but it is a search engine it’s the second biggest search engine in the world first is Google second is Youtube third is Pinterest.Diverse Source

So you really want to focus on those search platforms because that like I said is going to be evergreen content that people are searching for. To help solve their problems your content is going to show up and going to get traffic evergreen forever. As long as you keep the content updated so rather than focusing on growing your Instagram your Tick Tok, your Twitter accounts.

I highly recommend you focus on two things Search Engine Optimization through Google and Pinterest. When you’re first starting those two platforms. So you have a Social Media Platform and you have Google and that’s your primary focus to driving traffic make both those search platforms. You’re gonna grow that evergreen traffic and then later on if you want to grow a following on Instagram or Tick Tok or Twitter you can certainly do that.

But I think that it’s very important to have focus as a newer Blogger and focus on one thing at a time take it step by step build one brick at a time.

Once you master Pinterest, now you can move to the next platform, or once you master Google and you understand you have a good process for creating content for google you can move to the next platform. It all has a place and that’s not to say if you’re a beauty blogger obviously you want to be on Pinterest or Instagram as well.

Many of the Bloggers did not know the Blogging Tips To Know Before Starting A Blog, those who know, majority of bloggers from them really want to focus on Pinterest and Google and focus on the other platforms later on down the road.

Diversify Your Income Resources

Learning how to diversify your income you should start in this process. You should start with ads that are by far the easiest way to make money with your blog. If you’re driving traffic and you have display ads on your site you’re making money so definitely start with ads.

It’s definitely a very easy way to get started and that’s the first way that you should monetize your blog. The second one is Affiliate Marketing. So finding those products and services that help solve your reader’s problems or products that you use. You know work and will help your readers and make articles about them.

So maybe you want to do a review on Ibotta which is a money-saving app.

You can write a review Ibotta review put together everything you need to know about Ibotta, put place your Affiliate links in there. When someone clicks and signs up for Ibotta you get a commission so that’s another way to really make income. A lot of Niche Sites or niche bloggers can make money from amazon’s really good affiliate program.

As well because you just send traffic to Amazon and they do such a good job of getting people to purchase that you’re making money. So once you have an audience once you’re starting to get traffic there are two more ways that you want to monetize your blog.

Once you have an audience that has trust with you you’re driving traffic maybe you’ve started an email list that has sponsorships some brands. Want to get in front of your audience, Because you’ve already created that trust.

You have the traffic so you will get paid to have a brand come on to your brand and you will promote it to your audience through social media through your blog post. You’ll create an in-depth review for them and you’ll get paid a one-time fee to do that or you can create lots of different articles and get paid more and more.

Once you have an audience as I said and have that trust and build that relationship with them is to look out for sponsorships. But you really want to understand how to drive traffic to your own blog before you start asking brands to pay you to market their products and services.

The last way you want to start monetizing your blog is by selling your own products and courses. Now if you have not started an email list yet I highly recommend everyone. Your blog is reliant on getting traffic from platforms like Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and the time those Algorithms change your traffic changes.

So you don’t have control over what you do have control over is your email list at all times. An email list is yours nurture to send emails to directly contact your customers and your readers to show your new articles to share, affiliate partnerships that you think are going to help them in their life.

So it’s an incredible way to market to them. I promise you the money is made in the list so make sure you’re starting an email list from the beginning. It’s depending on which niche you’re in but it is important in all niches.

I think it’s really the only thing that you have complete control over and once you have an email list you have more control and you can start selling maybe digital products.

So you’re creating Ebooks Planners, Printable, possibly you make a course on gardening or whatever. Your niche is you can create a course and sell that course. So it’s really important and it’s a really big way to increase your income once you get to that step of selling your own products and courses.

So to summarize when it comes to monetizing your blog, you really want to pair two different ways to monetize together you don’t want to put all your eggs into just the display ads or all your eggs into just affiliate marketing.

You want to combine them and really make sure that you’re a diverse business. So that you can ride the fluctuations that come with owning an online business.

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Scale Your Traffic

How to scale your traffic and the way to do this is to create more quality content and build more backlinks. Those are really the only two things you need to focus on. If you are creating more quality content you’re giving yourself more bets to swing. So the more assets you can build for your business the more content you have, the more chance you have on ranking in the search engines like Pinterest and Google.

So make sure that you are creating that quality content make sure you’re creating it often and at least once a week.

You want to have an article, a news article on your site the more quality content you can create the better results you get. Along with that you really want to focus on building backlinks as well either through networking with other bloggers.

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Understanding That You Are A Business Owner

Understanding that you are a business owner you are not a blogger. Let me get closer and tell you that, you are a business owner you are not a blogger. So a lot of times people get started with blogging and they think that they’re just going to write content and take a couple of pictures to post on the web. They’re going to be making so much money. It’s going to be great but it’s not going to happen.

You need to focus like you are a business owner. Starting a blog is just like starting a business you need to be strategic you need to have a plan. You need to be good with your finances you need to understand what content needs to be created for your ideal customer.

What products and services you should be offering them? and pitching to them to help them solve their problems. like I said you cannot start a blog focusing on yourself, to be honest, no one cares about you and your life.

Yes! you can intertwine your story, your experience, and your education within your articles. Absolutely you want to do that, that’s how you build relationships that’s how you have your own voice.

Create your own voice and stand out from others, but at the end of the day, you are there to solve your reader’s problems. They’re coming to your blog for what’s in it for me that’s all they want they have problems. They want their solutions and you’re going to help them find them.

So focus on solving those problems, focus on creating that content, and treat your blog as a business from day one.

Don’t overthink things take action far outweighs perfection you can take action, make mistakes, learn from them, and improve so much faster than sitting back and analyzing every decision you make analyzing every article before you publish it.

Take action that’s so much better than trying to be perfect so take action get started and go for it and you will find success.


I got a bonus one for you it’s called networking. Believe it or not, if you are in the Blogging Community and you’re starting a blog the communities are absolutely incredible. There are so many helpful Facebook Groups. Just be part of these communities and groups.

You can start ways to collaborate with guest posts or do an Email Freebie Exchange. There are so many different possibilities, and networking is absolutely huge.

In the end, I just want to say that if Blogging Tips To Know Before Starting A Blog article really help you then must give your review about it below in the comment section and also share it with your friends and family.

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