Best Ways To Make Money Online With Website YouTube

Best Ways To Make Money Online With Website & YouTube

In this article, I just want to share with you basically how do you make money online via a YouTube channel and a blog?

So if you also looking forward to finding the Best Ways To Make Money Online With a Website & YouTube then through the article I’m going to share some of the worth proven ways.

Best Ways To Make Money Online With Website & YouTube

  • Donations
  • Subscription
  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Own Product & Services


So let’s get to it the first way to make money online is via donations. So donations can be set up via PayPal you can log in to your PayPal account and then you can create a button and then put that button on your website.

So people can just donate money to you now if you’re thinking like why would anyone do that basically if you’re not leveraging any specific monetization strategy.

You’re just giving away something that’s really helpful for free and you’re just like hey if you enjoyed it you’re some give me.

This is the way you can give me money to say thanks that’s how the donations work a great example would be WordPress Plugins. For example like there are a lot of great WordPress plugins that are completely free that they don’t have any upsell and there’s no premium version. It’s just like this one thing is what we give away it’s free and hey if you enjoyed it here you can donate.


So basically that’s the first-way donation the second way is to set up some type of subscription revenue service for your blog, website, YouTube channel. Obviously, for this to work you already need some type of attention in traffic but if you’re at that point then subscription revenue then makes a lot of sense.

You’re basically your two main options are to use something like Patreon. Where you just you know to sign up to Patreon.

You can create count quick and easy and then you know set up different tiers and have your subscription revenue that way and then you don’t have to pay for Patreon.

Patreon just takes a cut out of the subscription revenue that you earn from your patrons or you can go the self-hosted route.

This would be something like creating a WordPress website using a plugin like a member press and then designing the site. Create the content lock everything etc a great example that would be like entrepreneurs and which uses member press any WordPress powered website to basically run his membership website. Which one is best basically, they both have their pros and cons.

I personally like Patreon because Patreon is quick and easy to set up. You don’t have to design anything you don’t have to pay for anything. Now obviously it depends on the type of content that you’re giving away the topic of Cetera.

That you’re talking about some topics maybe aren’t friendly to be put on Patreon. So you have your own risk, your account being closed. Like that’s kind of like the reason why people would go for a membership website, where it’s more self-hosted and also just for branding purposes.

Because then you can own your membership website. Your membership website is my website com, my membership website com instead of it being like, slash website creative Pro.

But you know it really just depends on the situation that you’re in. Personally, Patreon makes a lot of sense to me. Because I’m sharing website reviews on my Patreon page.


The third way is advertising so advertising is done primarily through advertising networks. Nowadays we’re basically like you can send it to Google Adsense and then you can run ads on your videos and you keep an ad code on your website or blog and have display advertising.

Now there are plenty of different advertising networks that you can take advantage of. You can also do private advertising where you work one-on-one with an advertiser. They maybe they’ll send you an email like say you have a website on drones. For example like all your our whole websites about like the best drones for XYZ.

Then you have a drone maker who contacts you and they want to individually run like a display ad on your website. That can still happen in general people rely on advertising networks. Because you just set up the ad network on the back end of your website ads are displayed automatically.

You don’t have to manage any type of relationship with the advertiser it’s the passive income it’s hands-off it’s super easy.
Now advertising is in a very lucrative income source depending on the topic and also you want to be careful.

Because sometimes you’ll have ads and you’ll be making a lot of money from advertising but you could be missing out on income that you could be selling from doing something else.

Because like you gotta understand like if an advertiser is making money on your website that means that they’re getting traffic from your website and sending it to a product. So you’re getting a cup but maybe you can make more money doing something else which is why sometimes you don’t see a lot of people using advertising networks on their websites.

There are other more lucrative ways to monetize but again that’s why I said like it really depends on the niche.

I said like it just depends on the topic for example something that comes to mind is making friends online, development performs really poorly.

Generally speaking with advertising networks you’re better off if you have an average if you have friendship or a personal button blog you’re much better off creating and selling your own products than you are running an ad network. But if you have a topic on like say personal finance yeah running ads can be very lucrative it just depends on your topic.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, all Affiliate Marketing is promoting relevant Products and Services that other companies or individuals make in front of your audience. So step one is that you need an audience, you need traffic you need targeted traffic.

Then put relevant offers in front of that traffic that is it as all that affiliate marketing is. You have targeted traffic then put relevant offers in front of that traffic that’s it.

Okay but every niche has its own unique products and services that you can promote, so take advantage of that. Then one last advantage of affiliate marketing is that it helps you figure out just like what your audience needs. Because sometimes you’ll find out that you’re promoting a product or service and you’re making a lot of money and then it’s like well why am I promoting their product.

Why don’t I just create my own? like if you have a health and wellness website and you’re promoting like a woman’s yoga Ebook and then you’re making sales of it.

You’re like well why don’t I just create my own? Because I’ve done that too like I was promoting an e-book on how to teach English abroad and I was making sales of that I’m like well why am I promoting this book? like I just make my own and like that’s what I did.

So you know that’s why affiliate marketing is really helpful because you can test out different revenue streams different products, services courses etc. To see what works and then like when you find something that works then you know you can maybe stop ammonia and then create your own topic.

You’re gonna need like an email list you’re gonna need an audience and you’re going to need some type of funnel to make sales of higher-priced products the best products.

Like if you’re promoting Amazon Associates for example you want to find just products that are under $200 because then you’ll be able to make sales.

Because it’s not that it’s an impulse buy but if someone’s looking for like you know the best headphones for XYZ while headphones are not that expensive. So people are like doing research etc and they’ll buy your that product through your link for example on your website always you have something like a camera review say that could still make money but people do a lot of research on more expensive products.

As you know for me to order like 20 pairs of $20 headphones from Amazon no problem. But for me to sit down and think like am I gonna buy a new thousand dollar camera I’m not gonna buy a thousand dollar camera, just because I read a blog post.

okay, so that’s why you need to like just take that into consideration about the different product price points to have real success with affiliate marketing you want to sell lower-priced products.
Because it’s easier for people to buy where it’s more expensive stuff people need a little bit more interaction with you and more trust.

Own Product & Services

Create your own products and services for your blog website and YouTube
Now obviously creating your own products is one of its probably the best way to monetize what it is. You’re doing this because you break free from relying too much on affiliate marketing and advertising because advertisement can fluctuate affiliate marketing.

You know the companies can change the Terms of Conditions at any time they want like for example, famous unfamous lee reduced all their commissions. So people are really upset about that whereas.

If you’re selling your own products and services like you own the product you own like that’s you take the lion’s share of that sale. So you know if you have a like an audience and that makes sense to create a product I’d highly recommend you. Sending your butt down and taking the time to create something.

So I recommend you could basically create like an e-book and with an e-book, you can sell it on like something like gum road or you can go ahead and create like a bunch of Kindle ebooks and make like a portfolio of like lower-priced Kindle ebooks or you can create like a digital course.

I see other people are saying like oh yeah I’ve made twenty thousand dollars from my course. Like yeah, I can understand that now when people have a massive audience.

If you see some YouTuber with like twenty thousand subscribers, like oh yeah that makes sense and so basically my advice is if you’re going to create products and services you have to engage in email marketing.

So just you know be aware of this it’s a tremendous amount of work to build an audience that is already difficult enough.

Then you have to sit your butt down and create a product then you have to go through the whole process of creating some type of marketing funnel. So you have your way to get people in the door via YouTube and your website and via free traffic.

Convert that into email subscribers and then you can send people down an e-mail funnel and that’s a time and tested business model that works. But it all starts with you basically creating free content and building all the parts of that business that information business but it still can work.

It’s just a tremendous amount of work. So you know once you get to that point where you start having an audience and you start getting attention and things seem like they’re working like you have good
engagement go ahead and create a product it’s a lot of work but it’s worth it.

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Final Words

Time via your website blog and YouTube channel now everybody wants to focus on passive income. Honestly selling a service is a great way to monetize what it is you’re doing online particularly. If you have a small audience because you don’t need a big audience you need the right audience.

So take a step back and think about what service your audience would need it really just depends. Okay and so I like what I’ve seen here like people using clarity FM.

For example, I’ve seen people use that on YouTube and their blog. You know that’s great if you position yourself as an expert and then you can basically charge for your time to have a call with someone etc.

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