Facebook Instant Articles Monetization Use & Requirements

Facebook Instant Articles Monetization Use & Requirements

If you looking forward to Facebook Instant Articles Monetization Use & Requirements – Then through this article, I tried to explain it in detail about it, which surely helps you.

What are Facebook Instant Articles? What do you need to know about them as a product or business owner?

Actually when someone taps on a Facebook or Meta instant article as opposed to an article that leads to a regular external website the article loads well fastly.

Today we’re talking about Facebook Instant Articles Monetization Use & Requirements.

What is a Facebook instant article? Just look at your phone screen FB application. Here let’s look at the user experience of clicking on a regular article that links to another Website or Blog.

One, 2..3..4..5 & Boom 😀 it takes like five seconds to fully load.

Let’s look at an example of a Facebook instant article BuzzFeed is usually pretty good about using them. You can tell it’s an instant article with the “Lightning Bolt” symbol on it.Facebook Instant Articles Monetization Use & Requirements Sample On Mobile

No-load time is here, no lagging during scrolling, nothing anything popping up slow. You were already there it’s just because of Facebook Instant Articles.

Facebook says that instant articles load over 4.9 times faster than any mobile web.

How To Create Instant Articles

  • Sign Up
  • Choose Your Facebook Page
  • Claim Website URL
  • Build Articles
  • Submit For Review

Sign Up

The very first thing you need to do is just make register yourself with the Instant Article Publishing Program. So for registration Sign up Here

Choose Your Facebook Page

Once you sign Up for Facebook Instant Articles, now have a choice to choose your desired FB Page where you want to activate ads from this Meta program.

Claim Website URL

After the selection of your Facebook Page for using instant articles ads programs, now the next turn is to claim your website URL or link on the basis of your all web posts where you want to use this service. For instance faisalgondal.com/content.

To guarantee your URL you really want to add a meta tag to your HTML’s <head> tag and afterwards add the Links to your settings. All the data you really want to do this can be found in the Instant Articles Settings.

Build Articles

Facebook provides a single tool through that every publisher creates articles, and publishes them on their website. The best thing is that no need to create again for Facebook all you need is just to just use the FB publishing tool, an API or an RSS Feed through your blog.

Connecting With WordPress

If you using WordPress on your blog then Facebook provides a Plugin for setup. Through that plugin, all is going very easy and fast.

Publishing Tool

As Facebook provides plugins, they also give many publishing tools for integrations, some are mentioned below.

  • Tempest
  • Sovrn
  • Drupal
  • Medium
  • Steller
  • Atavist
  • Perk Distributed
  • RebelMouse
  • ShareThis

RSS Feed

If you were not using CMS supported by Facebook publishing tools or not using WordPress, then the best to connect your content to Facebook is RSS Feed.


Through API you can easily build, publish and also even delete your content from your CMS.

Submit For Review

After completing all the mentioned points above the final step is to submit your Feed to Facebook for review. Once Meta received your submission, they verify your data is it comply with all the policies. Usually, if you have little idea before about Facebook Instant Articles Monetization Use & Requirements, then you must know that Facebook takes 24 to 48 hours for review.

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Pros Of Facebook Instant Articles

Now we have to talk about the Pros of Facebook Instant Articles use, and why just little number of businesses are using Instant Articles on their content. So there are some reasons behind this. So furthermore, we have to dive into the pros and cons of Facebook instant articles. Before already we talked about the first two pros like time viewing content and faster load time. Now let’s talk about others!

Extra Cash By Ads

Number three pro is that you would allow people’s advertisements to show throughout your content, which resulted in some extra cash for you by monetizing articles.

Greater Reach & Engagement On the Facebook Platform

Number four pro is high reach on Facebook & engagement. As before we said that instant articles get 20 % more clicks and 30 % more shares. Shares mean the friends of the person who shares the article can see it too which just means more organic brand awareness for your Facebook goes.

Even further than that twenty per cent more clicks number by saying facebook users open 52 more articles when they’re published, as instant articl.es instead of a mobile web link plus videos can be set to autoplay within instant articles seamlessly. You can enable a 360 video to be rendered in your article. which is where the reader can tilt their phone and feel immersed in the video.

Cons Of Facebook Instant Articles

Not Able To Send Traffic To Your Website

The biggest weak point is that you are not able to send users to your blog post. Because the functionality of Instant Article is to make your visitor stay on Facebook through your content.

But it’s still not the same as having that traffic on your website that you own you can’t leverage the traffic. You get from Facebook instant articles on other platforms outside of Facebook & Instagram.

Less Reputation

Number two con is some would argue that you may receive a less than great reputation. Then if you just linked to your website because of all the ads on instant articles released in 2016 and since then the ad usage within instant articles has increased quite a bit over the years.

By scrolling, people feel bored, because of massive ads between the content. This became the reason for a bad reputation.

Not Fully Controlled On Your Users

Like the first two cons, this one is also similar to them. When visitors come to your blog post, they were in your world.

because it’s your blog you own it. On the other hand, instant articles do provide customizable layout features to make it look a little more branded for your product or business. it’s not the same as sending traffic to your website where you have total your own control.

Extra Manpower

Number four Con is more manpower or extra time because first, you have to publish your article on a blog and then converted it to Facebook.

There are several plugins you can use for your blogs like WordPress that make this easier but for at minimum quality assurance, you’re still going to need to assign time and or labour to ensure everything transfers over smoothly.

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Facebook users engage with instant articles better. This is definitely something to note particularly for your FB transaction. The suggestion is if you do try it track everything for the first few weeks or months to decide if it’s worth it.

It is based on what your specific business goals are if Facebook instant articles are something you’re wanting to try you can head to this link and click sign up and it should take you to your Facebook Creator Studio. So you do have to have a Facebook page in order to do this you can’t just do it from a regular personal account.

Once in creator studio, it will give you prompts to follow to make sure your page is eligible for Facebook  Monetization. part of this process includes sending 10 production articles to Facebook to review as a sample of the kind of content you expect to publish on instant articles.

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