Facebook Instant Articles Monetization Use & Requirements

Do you know What is meant by FB Instant Articles? For Being a business leader and company owner What are the things you must need to know? Facebook Instant Articles Monetization Use & Requirements

What Are Facebook Instant Articles?

Today we’re talking about Facebook instant articles. Alright so what is a Facebook instant article actually the user experience of clicking on a regular article that links to another website, it takes like five seconds to fully load, that’s why they name them “Instant Articles”.

You should link your site articles with your Facebook Page and the share posts. When someone visits your page and clicks on the instant article, this may load fastly on Facebook. A certain article will open on Facebook means not being redirected to your site. This is the reason they load fastly within no time.

Zero load time because Facebook instant articles are native to the Facebook platform. You’re not sending your traffic elsewhere facebook says that instant articles load over 4.9 times faster than mobile web.

Across regions and devices meaning lower bounce rates and deeper engagement, which is why over 37000 pages on Facebook use instant articles other sources have said when compared with regular news feed articles.

Instant articles do provide customizable layout features to make it look a little more branded for your business. It’s not the same as sending people to your website where you have total control and lastly, Some of the Facebook later update the way instant articles work is that the article must first be published on your website and then converted into an instant article.

There are some plugins you can use for certain websites like WordPress that make this easier. But for minimum quality assurance, you’re still going to need to assign time and or labour to ensure everything transfers over smoothly. So with all of those pros and cons, I guess the question is are instant articles worth it while having content on your website seems to be the safer bet for a lot of businesses in terms of your overall marketing funnel stats. Like the one, we looked at earlier seem to point towards Facebook users engaging with instant articles better.

Instant Articles Polices

If you were a blogger and keeping a healthy Facebook Page and want to use instant articles then you must have to comply with all terms and conditions of Facebook. You have to also follow the instant articles policies mentioned below.

  • Content Polices
  • Article Experience
  • Ads Experience
  • Ad Sale & Serving
  • Things You Should Know

For using Instant Article you have to learn all policies deeply, that’s why I trying to write in-depth here.

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Content Polices

  • A very important point is that you have to ensure that the content you were using is owned by you.
  • Make sure that your website is complete, and easy to navigate, and showing a good user experience.
  • Build good readership on your site before applying a newly made site may not be accepted for Instant Article.
  • Do not ask people to register on your site until you have paid content.
  • The content on your Facebook must be the same as your website have.
  • Don’t use any content which is against the “Facebook Comunity Standards”. For instance, Facebook doesn’t allow prohibited content, illegal or misleading pages, fake news, or any type of rumours pages.
  • After getting monetization active on your page must be used ads according to the advertising policies of Facebook.

Article Experience

  • Formate exactly instant articles up to the design guidelines and technical documentation.
  • Facebook did not allow any kind of confusing or misleading page experiences between instant articles.
  • Don’t need to use Facebook Like, Share or Send button which was not allowed by them.
  • Be careful while using outbound links in your articles, these links must be related to the anchor text, don’t use irrelative stories or posts during outbound linking.
  • Always use appropriate size images and videos, with high-quality resolution.

Ads Experience

  • Use proper ads formate which exactly followed the technical documentation of Facebook.
  • All Facebook ads must be marked as sponsored.
  • Your Facebook ads height must not be exceeded 2:3.
  • Facebook says that above the fold or first screen ads are not suitable.
  • Don’t miss the use of ads in any way

Ad Sale & Serving

  • You might sell Instant Article promotion stock, however, don’t address to sell News Feed advertisement stock.
  • You just use an instant article on your Facebook page, you were not allowed to use third-party ads.

Things You Should Know

  • Facebook might authorize against your utilization of Instant Articles in the event that we close any of your articles abuse our arrangements.
  • Content which not meet the Content Guidelines for Monetization is not eligible for monetization.
  • Facebook having the right to change any policy at any time without giving any type of notice.

Maintaining Eligibility For Instant Articles

For maintaining the eligibility of a Facebook Page monetization, they make time to time review. If Facebook found some of the most commonly happened violations, they demonetized a certain page. The page should be also demonetized due to low traffic or maybe the page was not updated regularly.

I that case you may reapply your domain for instant articles after publishing a minimum of 10 posts on your blog.

Instant Articles Guidelines And Standards

For being part of instant articles you must have to comply with the partner monetization policies, Facebook community standards working on some strong principles like safety, voice and equity.

You have to also follow the Facebook payment terms as the creator and administrator of the page.  Before publishing any type of content you have to agree with content monetization policies. Always keep in mind that Facebook is not allowed to use copyrighted content.

Facebook Instant Articles Eligibility Check

Like that, you should know that your page is eligible or not eligible for instant article monetization. Follow your Facebook creator studio. You do have a Facebook page in order to do this.

You can’t just do it from a regular personal account once in creator studio it will give you prompts to follow to make sure your page is eligible for monetization. Part of this process includes sending 10 production articles to Facebook to review as a sample of the kind of content you expect to publish on instant articles. There Facebook will review your work to see if you are eligible to publish instant articles.

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