Jeff Bezos Biography

Jeff Bezos The Owner Of Amazon Biography

Jeff Bezos is a famous Entrepreneur in the World – Here I shared Jeff Bezos The Owner Of Amazon Biography with the latest income states and updates.

Who Is Jeff Bezos?

If you were an internet user then surely you once you experienced to use Amazon.Com or if not used yet you must hear about this famous E-Commerce platform. Jeff Bezos is the owner of this number one E-Commerce hub. He is also known as the pioneer of the E-Commerce world, Jeff is also CEO of  Washington Post & Blue Origin the Space Exploration Company.

The entrepreneur was born in 1964 in Mexico. He got a computer education from Princeton University and has had a great interest in computers and technology even from an early age. Jeff Bezos starts work on Wall Street after completing his graduation. At D.E. Shaw a famous investment organization 1990 he becomes the youngest senior vice president.

He keep this job for almost four years and then he left that post and start an online book store “Amazon.Com“. Just after sometimes this became the number one online successful E-Commerce store around the globe.

Bezos bought “The Washington Post” in 2013. Then in the year 2017 Amazon takeover all types of Foods.

Education & Early Life Of Jeff Bezos

Jeff was born in Albuquerque New, Mexico on 12, January 1964. He was a son of teenage parents at the time of his birth her father and mother’s age was respectively, 19 & 17. Jeff started his primary education in Albuquerque New, Mexico. In Houston from 4th to 6th standards, he joined “River Oaks Elementary School“.

In 1984 Jeff Bezos completed his degree in Computer Science & Engineering from World’s famous Princeton University.

At an early age, his family moved to Miami, where he started his first business. The purpose of this business even during his study period is to educate 4th, 5th and 6th-grade kids, he also named this business “The Dream Institute“.

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Career In Finance

When Jeff Bezos complete his degree, after this he starts working in various companies like D.E. Shaw, Bankers Trust and Fitel. With much hard work and passion, Bezos became the vice president of D.E. Shaw’s company. He left all types of jobs in 1994. His aim is to establish his business’s online presence. He opens a bookstore to buy and sell books online.

Founder & CEO Of Amazon.Com

After a comprehensive beta test of Jeff’s site from at least 300 of his friends, he launched in 1997. With few employees, he starts operations in his garage. The best part is that Jeff got handsome sales of 20K dollars within the first week, without any promotions. Amazon gets good book sales from the USA and other 45 states within the first month.

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