Zong Internet Packages

Zong Internet Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly

The most famous mobile network Zong now offers the best Zong Internet Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly – Zong is a Pakistani-based cell organization bought by China Mobiles. Zong is the main GSM supplier working in the country.

Zong start its operations as a mobile network in the country back in 2008. In a short time, the organization became the most demanding brand among cellular companies in the Pakistani Nation. Now Zong is the happiest brand in the country providing 3G & 4g LTE services to its customers. We know with the fast-growing time the need for internet also growing rapidly. Internet is becoming the need for people whether they using it on PC or on Android devices.

Zong always tries to meet the needs of its reliable customers, that’s why the company comes up with versatile internet bundles like daily, weekly and several monthly basis packages.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Zong’s one-day internet bundle are offering its users reliable services at reasonable prices and rates. Due to low rates and stunning quality, Zong’s 24-hour offers are spreading really fastly and gaining an amazing number of customers in the country. For complete detail just check the table here. 

Daily Basic
(till 12.00 am)
100MBRS 23 *6464#
Daily Data Max
(till 12.00 am)
1GB (500 for Youtube) RS 49 *6464#
Zong Day Time Offer ( Expires at 7 PM) 1.5 GB RS 23 *6464#
Youth Offer 2.5 GB(1am – 9am) RS 22.50 *6464#
Social Pack 100 MB Rs.10 *6464#
Daily Social Offer 1.5 GB RS. 23*6464#

Zong 3 Days Internet Packages

Zong 3 days internet packages are best for all those people who love to connect with their friends and family day and night. The company also offers a choice based subscription, users can choose 3G or 4G services as per their requirements. 

3 Day Bundle RS. 501 GB*6464#

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

For those Zong prepaid users who want to activate 7 days bundles, for the company shares some of the extraordinary prices and rates, just check below.

Haftawar Load Offer 10 GB, Unlimited Zong mins & 100 off-net mins RS. 280*6464#
Super Weekly Max 30 GB (16GB + 14GB data for Youtube) RS. 300*6464#
Super Weekly Premium 30 GB, 150 off-net mins & unlimited Zong mins RS. 350*6464#
Lahore Super Offer 3 GB, 40 off-net mins & 1000 Zong mins RS. 200*6464#
All-in-1 Weekly (7 Days) 3 GB, 60 off-net mins & 5000 Zong mins RS. 100*6464#
Malakand Offer 2 GB, 100 off-net mins, 1000 Zong mins RS. 150*6464#
Haftawar Punjab offer 2 GB, 100 off-net mins & 1000 Zong mins RS. 150*6464#
Super Weekly Offer 3GB, 25 all-net mins RS. 185*6464#
Super Weekly Plus 8 GB + 1 GB WhatsApp RS. 240*6464#

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

If you have a big budget and don’t want to reactivate these again and again these internet offers, then Zong monthly internet packages are the best source of joy for you. All you need to just subscribe to this amazing internet bundle and get the freedom to use the net for a whole month. This offer is also light in prices if we try to compare it with other deals. You can check how to activate this package and what was the price and other details in the table below.

Monthly Social Bundle 128GB internet
+250 Zong MIns & 25 Off-net Mins
Rs.190 *6464#
Super Star Offer 8 GB Internet + 500 Off-net Mins & 3000 Zong Mins & SMSRs.550 *6464#
Monthly Super Offer 30 Gb Internet + 5000 Zong Minutes & 450 Off-net MinutesRs.1270 *6464#
Monthly Supreme Punjab 22 GB Internet (Including 12 GB Youtube), 400 Off-net Minutes, 5000 Zong Minutes & SMSRs.1000 *6464#
Mahana Punjab Offer Get 4 GB( Including 1GB WhatsApp), 400 off-net Mins, 3000 Zong Mins & SMSRs.550 *6464#
Monthly Pro 30 GB internet, 600 Other network minutes & unlimited Zong minutes & SMSRs. 1399 *6464#
Family Bundle 30 GB Internet, 1000 off-net mins + Unlimited Zong mins & SMSRs.2900 *6464#
Zong Super Card 6 GB Internet + 250 Off-net mins & Unlimtied Zong minsRs.675 *6464#
Monthly Supreme Offer 20 GB Internet + 300 off-net mins & 5000 Zong mins Rs.899 *6464#
Super Monthly Offer(Data) 5 GB Internet Rs.290 *6464#
Super Monthly Plus 20 GB Internet Rs.550 *6464#
Super Monthly Max 40 GB Internet Rs.899 *6464#
Prepaid Sim Add-ons- 1 8 GB Internet Rs.750 *6464#
Prepaid Sim Addons-2 24 GB Internet Rs.1200 *6464#
Prepaid Sim Add-ons- 3 60 GB Internet Rs.2000 *6464#
Exclusive Offer 150 GB Internet Rs.3500 *6464#
IMO Offer 2.5 GB Internet Rs.59 *6464#

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How To Activate Zong Internet Packages?

For subscribing to Zong internet bundles, the procedure is quite simple and easy.

  • First of all dial”*6464#”
  • After dialling the code now you received a dropdown menu
  • You have to choose your desired offer
  • After choosing your favourite internet bundle now press the call button
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