Zong Advance Balance Loan Code

How To Get Zong Advance Balance Loan Code

Today through this article we were going to share the full procedure about How To Get Zong Advance Balance Loan Code. You can learn with step by step guide to gain benefit from this advance or loan service offered by Zong.

It is a very difficult situation when sometime we try to call in an emergency, but the company system responds by saying “You don’t have enough credit“. In that condition users were going worried that there is no credit or balance shop near them, maybe it was late at night. So making this situation tension-free, Zong brings good news to its clients around Pakistan.

All prepaid users of the Zong network have no need to worry at all, because the company offers a free opportunity to get a free balance code. The reliable users of Zong can get advantages by getting free balance in urgent or emergency situations, and they can utilize this balance in that difficult situations without going outside the home.

How To Get Zong Advance Balance Loan Code

Zong provides cheap advance loan facilities for its PrePaid customers. People in an emergency now can avail this opportunity by just following the simple steps.

Types Of Zong Advance Loan

  • Zong Advance Loan
  • Zong Double Advance Loan

Zong Advance Loan

In this offer getting credit in advance, all Zong subscribers can get RS. 25 after applying for the loan. For getting RS. 25 in advance you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • In the first step just dial “*911#” from your phone.
  • Zong also offers to just send an empty text on “911“.
  • In response to a blank text, you would get a confirmation text from the company.
  • RS. 5 was deducted on your next top-up as service charges.
  • This offer is limited to PrePaid customers of Zong only

Zong Double Advance Loan

Zong double advance loan provides RS. 30 credit after the acceptance of your request for a loan. For apply this loan you have to deep look at the mentioned steps below.

  • Dial “0” from your cell phone.
  • In response, you would get a fast loan of RS. 15.
  • Subscription charges of RS. 3.5 would be cut on your next top-up.
  • Now when you get your first RS. 15 loan, you would also be eligible to get RS. 15 loan by dialling from your phone *0# or *911#.
  • So now you can get more RS. 15 as a Zong loan.
  • For that, you can get RS. 30 loan.
  • On the next recharge, you have to pay back RS. 30 along with services charges.

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Terms & Conditions

  • All types of terms & conditions are applied.
  • For further characteristics just visit Zong’s Official Website.
  • Without the activation of any internet offer, RS. 1 would be applied to each use of MB.
  • For checking your remaining balance just dial “*222#
  • Keep in mind that using a SIM card without a registration process is considered illegal.
  • By using Zong advance services RS. 20 would be deducted on the next top-up.
  • Zong advance facility is only for PrePaid users of the company.


Can PostPaid Customers Take An Advance Loan From Zong?

No! this offer is only for PrePaid clients of Zong.

Can I Take Double Advance Loan From Zong?

Zong PrePaid users can take double advance loans after the acceptance of the first one.

How Much Service Charges Would Be Deducted By Zong On Advance Loan?

Prepaid users have to pay RS. 3.5 on each loan transaction.

Note: If you still feel any hustle or have any type of queries about Zong Balance then comment here and mention your problem.

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