8 Best Freelancing Platforms For Digital Marketers

8 Best Freelancing Platforms For Digital Marketers

8 Best Freelancing Platforms for digital marketers – Digital Marketing has become increasingly popular in the past few years and is poised for even more growth.

An increasing number of companies are also choosing to work with freelancers which is an excellent opportunity for digital marketers. Who wants to go into freelancing there are a lot of freelance platforms available on the internet with unique features and offers. While some platforms are not very supportive others provide a secure and supportive working environment.

Most freelance websites work this way sign up create a profile browse postings and submit proposals. others also match freelancers with companies. In which case the company contacts the freelancer and they choose whether to respond there are platforms for every sort of freelance work. Not just digital marketing but this article looks at the 8 best freelance platforms for digital marketers in particular.


Guru is a website that caters exclusively to freelancing and is based in the USA. Guru has a section solely for sales and marketing where you can find postings in several categories, like email.

The website has over three million users and flexible payment options. Pay by milestone, pay by tasks and pay by the hour and recurring payments in terms of fees. Guru takes a percentage of earnings on their platform but the exact amount depends on the level of plan.

You may have on their website free accounts are charged nine per cent and the highest tier of paid accounts is charged 49.99 us per month with the percentage lowered to five per cent.

Paid accounts can submit up to five times more bids than free ones. Freelancers also have to undergo a verification process to work with guru and feedback scores and transaction data are published. To get a job on the website you browse through postings and submit proposals.

Which may then be accepted by the client they also recommend postings. Sometimes payments can also be made through the safe payment option. Where the Guru holds the payments until job completion, this option is very secure since the job is basically prepaid.

People Per Hour

This is a UK-based site with over one million businesses that offer freelancers worldwide opportunities for work. They also require freelancers to go through an application process for approval.

Approval would give you access to an international clientele and a large variety of marketing jobs. Next would be to create an engaging profile for clients to view. You can add your own unique skills without committing to a particular category.

The site allows you to communicate directly with the client which is a big advantage and you can quote your fee. However, you want the services provided by freelancers on this site to undergo constant revision and rating per job completion.

They use their project writing tool to find out the specific needs of companies looking to hire and then match them to the freelancers best suited to the job through (AI) the freelancers. Then responding as quickly as possible to the match their charging rates are also very manageable. Billings above 7 000 UAA dollars are charged 3.5 per cent, billings between 350 and 7 000 are charged 7.5 per cent and billings under 350 are charged 20 US dollars.


Upwork offers freelancing opportunities in a number of categories under marketing. There are opportunities for beginners, intermediate and expert freelancers. With the only disadvantage being the tight competition to start you create a profile to display your work and send proposals to your clients.

The site uses a highly developed algorithm to point out the best fitting projects for its freelancers. Companies post projects and freelancers can apply for them. Both clients and freelancers can rate each other on Upwork.

Freelancers can work on larger and more complex projects and they have direct communication with their clients. The website uses Upwork payment protection, so all payments and invoices are secure and happen through the site.

The site charges a percentage of your earnings as a service fee charges. For the first 500, you bill your client across all contracts with them 10 for total billings, between 500 and 1000 & 5 for total billings, exceeding 10 fees for proposals as well. They also charge a fee for the submission of proposals and charge just three per cent on all earnings through their site.


To get started on freelancing you create a profile with your skills and expertise listed. You can then upload a profile photo and complete the verification centre checklist.  After you can browse through the various job postings and get notified when a relevant job becomes available.

There are both free and paid accounts. Paid accounts allow them to add more skills to their profile than free ones. Freelancer has very simple operation companies looking for freelancers to sign up and post jobs. Then the freelancers can send in bids which makes it quite competitive. For freelancers, though if your bid is accepted as a freelancer you are paid securely after completing the work. You can also stay connected with clients while working on a particular job and show examples of older work. There are also contests available on their website for freelancers to join.

You get a chance to display your work and build your portfolio. The contest holder may also purchase the project of the winner.


The name Toptal comes from top talent and they hire only the best freelancers, which are typically less than three per cent of their thousands of applicants.

Mostly deals with developers but they have jobs for market research analysts as well Toptal requires applicants. To go through a demanding screening process that tests personality language and skills. Freelancers also have passed a live screening process and undertake test projects. Getting in is extremely difficult but it provides some of the best rewards out there. Toptal pays freelancers their pre-agreed upon hourly rates but they do not disclose how much they build the client.


Fiverr is a freelance platform founded in 2010 and based in Tel Aviv. It operates on the principle of selling and buying freelance projects. On Fiverr, you create projects and get paid when it is purchased.

Twenty per cent is charged on all transactions and it is free to join. Payment is also secure and immediate with the site transferring your money to your account as soon as your project is bought and delivered. You can also get tipped some people dismiss Fiverr as questionable. However, it can be a good choice for beginners to try out freelancing in their spare time it is also a good choice for beginners since it doesn’t involve ongoing contracts and doesn’t require a long-term commitment.

Flex Jobs

Flex Jobs is all about providing part-time and flexible freelance jobs remotely. Flex Jobs requires a subscription which gives access to create a profile, job postings, skill testing, a personalized portfolio and email alerts. For new posts, there are three options for subscribing to a monthly subscription for 14.95 USD a quarterly subscription for 29.95 US and a yearly subscription for 49.95 US.


The last on our list, it’s just an advertisements website that has a special section. That lists job opportunities in marketing the job listings are both international and local with options for part-time.

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